The Floor Press

Alright, so why a floor press versus the awesome benchpress. Alright, so we travel the world teaching these awesome seminars in a wide range of CrossFit gyms, and benches, believe it or not, are few and far between. I think–do we have one here?– no, they’re probably using it as a chair in the office. I don’t know. So few and far between, but what’s a big part of that amateur progression? Horizontal, heavy press, and many programs that don’t have benches miss out on a heavy, horizontal press. So this is the only movement where we are going to ask you to take away perfect posture in order for us to save your shoulder girdle. Give me a double chin. Give me your hands up like Frankenstein. So this time I want you to rotate your palms so they’re facing like you’re grabbing a barbell. Awesome. So I want him to dance these shoulder blades together, try to pin them down without elevating. He’s just simply retracting. Now I want him to try to walk his hips towards his shoulder blades as much as he can. Awesome. What we want is a nice arch in here that allows a better position to lock in those shoulder blades. Alright, from here, go ahead and bring your heels to your butt. Alright, so we’ve got five points of contact on the ground. Heels–one, two– hips, shoulders, and head. Cool? We’re going to maintain these five points. This is a pretty gosh darn good position. If I’m spotting, I am using a mixed grip. Cool? Awesome. So he’s down there. He’s going to communicate. Ready? Ready ready. Awesome. I’m going to deadlift this bar up. Mixed grip, and we’re going to go a fingers–just fingers next to the smooth. So we’re going to go for a more narrow grip. I’ll explain why momentarily. Alright, from here, as a spotter, I’m going to bring the bar out where I need it. What I’m going to ask George to do, I’m going to say, “Alright two hands when I pick it up. Four hands?” Two hands. Your weight. Alright. So what I’m going to ask George to do is now externally rotate, so bend that bar in half. The landmark that we’re looking for is going to be a vertical forearm. So bend that bar in half and bring it down towards the ground. See it’s in line with the xiphoid process? What I’m going to do is now give him a target as a spotter, so we can hit this bar in a straight line. It’s going to be right above that bar. Now I want you to punch towards this point. Here we go. So what he’s not doing as he goes down– pause for a second– is relaxing at the floor. You see how relaxed he is down at the bottom? At that point we need tension to be the highest, because go ahead now and punch through from a relaxed position. Extend. We put his shoulders at the highest risk. Tension is going to be our friend by externally rotating and ripping that bar in half, so start from a good position up top. Bend that bar, externally rotate. Go ahead and bring it down. So in order for me to maintain and know that he has pressure, I’m going to give him a “Go” call, so I don’t want him to either bounce his elbows off the ground like it’s a normal benchpress. We need to maintain control down, then fast up. Ready ready. Go. Alright, control down. Go. So now I’ve got four hands. Step back. He can ninja roll-up. Do some awesome stuff to get up. I’m just kidding. Alright. And now I’m going to place this bar down once he is clear and free of the way.

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  1. shouldn't the end point of the press be directly above his shoulders? with heavy weight there's no way he can maintain the arms in that angle

  2. I'm not to sure about this. I agre with the "no bench, no problem" idea and also with the tension with the grip. but that angle?

  3. is this also known as a belly press? seems like he should be lowering the bar somewhere besides down to his belly. when I've done floor presses in the gym we still lower to our chest. I do like the idea of a spotter to hand you the weight though. we kinda just roll the weight onto our chest haha

  4. No. I love Crossfit, but this simply indicates that boxes need to find way to incorporate more movements, like the bench press. You don't have a bench, or any way to create a bench, like using lifting blocks, then get one.

  5. I came here searching about shoulder pain and floor press. This video makes sense to me, the reason I'm sore AF is because I was starting to go for 1 rep maxes in order to increase my reps at 185. However doing 200 on the floor press 1 time destabilized me and the weight was almost over my face.

  6. 2:15, completeling wrong, i mean, when you bench you never do it in a straight line. If you do a straight line above your shoulders you will destroy them, and if you do a straight line above your belly button (like in the video) then you can't lift heavy at all, good luck holding 150kg+ up like that…, just google "bench press bar path" and see for yourself what it should be like, everything else here is fine

  7. Crossfit Gym: "Benches are few and far between. Do we have one here?" Of course not, you're a crossfit gym hahaha

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