The GYROTONIC® Archway at CORE Therapy & Pilates. A unique Exercise System

I want to thank you for watching our YouTube
video. Here we have Cheryl Dunn of CORE Therapy & Pilates
or Austin GYROTONIC® Center teaching on the GYROTONIC® Archway
And we have a client experiencing being upside down. Doing some new exercises for the first time
and needing a little instruction from Cheryl going through the steps. And after a brief demonstration from Cheryl,
back at it again. And here she shows a brilliant stretch of
the upper body and lower body combined going into a nice suspension. Opening the chest and immediately going into
a deep abdominal contraction to come out of this position in as best of control as possible. And slowly lowering down, nice stuff. And now, we’re going to switch to a different
position and show one more exercise from the same client on a different day. Hope you enjoy the demonstration on the GYROTONIC®
Archway. Our website is Like us at Follow us at www.Twitter/TherapyPilates. Have a great day.

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