The Journey – CrossFit Regionals 2018 with Maddie Sturt

I’m Madeline Sturt, I’m 21 and I’m from
CrossFit Urge. We’re cooking breakfast. Mushroom, quinoa, spinach from mom’s garden – so home grown spinach and then eggs. Yep, this is the the staple
typically have the same thing. But yep, in the past it was very protein heavy and I
didn’t necessarily eat carbs. I didn’t eat potato or rice or anything like that.
So, that’s changed now and I don’t eat as much meat, I only eat meat after training.
I’ve noticed that I feel ten times better just in general and throughout
the day. I’m being lovely and cooking breakfast for mom as well. Mama Sturt,
she’s awesome I have a really, really strong
relationship with my mom. Mom did everything she possibly
could have when we were growing up to make sure that we didn’t miss out on any
opportunities. So, I really like doing mom proud. Are you cooking your fish tonight? It’s okay, I’ll vacate the house while you’re doing it. Mom does not like any seafood. I bought Shane and I a whole fish and
I’ve never cooked it before. I don’t know what to do with it. I don’t want to be around. Just getting my lunch to take to the gym. It’s labeled so my sister
doesn’t steal it. This is a typical day in training I’ve
got a fair bit of lifting to get through first and then only one workout but it’s
the Games chipper which I’m excited about doing. Because I enjoyed that, that was fun at the games. And then a little bike ride at the end. I take forever to warm up. I get called a grandma. But yeah, so, my typical prep for
training is to stretch and it’s then to get the
body warm on like a rower or a assault bike and then and then it’s just
prepping movements before getting into training. Whereas a couple
of the guys that train with me they’re just straight in, straight on a barbell. I like writing everything down in my
journal just because I forget things easy. So, I can reflect back on the
previous week and I also just like it, cause whether it was a good or bad I’m writing
it down and then I can not worry about it again. So when you have a bad training
day I find that it’s good mentally just to be able to write it down and then
brush it off. My training session it was bit rough, it
was heavy. I felt flat but that’s all part of it
you’re always gonna have ups and downs. When Shane prepared this workout, I
was really excited to give it another go because yeah I do have a good memory of
it from the Games. I was really excited for that workout, I knew that that was
gonna be one of my stronger performances. Yeah, I was really excited to just get out
in the arena and.. my game plan didn’t go to plan. I think it was to do with my
pull-ups, I think the I had these natural grips on and they ended up like sticking to
me and kind of just making it all worse. Yeah I never knew to spit on leather to
help it stick. So you shouldn’t chalk them up? When I was 19 and at the Games, I felt
like a deer in headlights. There was all these people that I had
watched for years and years and all these people that I looked up to. Then all of a sudden I was lining up next to them.
I was petrified. I felt like the second year I was able to take it all in and
enjoy it so much more. It didn’t feel as rushed and I wasn’t as nervous and yeah,
it was much more enjoyable and I felt like I could actually go out and attack
a workout that I felt I had a strength in. Both years I’ve been told I was a teen or
told to move or told to go to the teen side. The second time was much better. They tried to kick me out of the warm-up area this year, 2017. They were like, “Uhm teens
can’t be on this side.” And then Shane and I were like were like “Uhh.. we’re not.” Today we are riding Knapsack, which is
just a few little bush trucks in Glenbrooke. They lead to some lookouts but
there’s some pretty cool little bike loops through Knapsack. Last year training for the Games, I hadn’t been on a bike since I was a kid. So I had to kind of.. Not that I forgot.. but
just kind of re-learn and just get over a little bit of a fear thing. But yeah now it’s a
really fun, it’s really enjoyable and we’re doing massive big rides through
the mountains. I love mixing up my routine with
training and recovery, just because it gives you that mental break and it keeps it interesting. So going on bike rides and and swims is a way to still
get training in and still get yourself out of breath and and sweaty, but yeah.
You’re out of gym and you’re disconnected from that a little bit and
it clears your mind. Yeah so, just post bike ride just do a
little skill piece with some running some dubs and pegboard. My first
encounter with the pegboard was at 2016 CrossFit Games.
I had never touched one before. In the warm up area I was trying to figure out how
to do it. It’s definitely come a long way I can
definitely still have heaps of room for improvement.
Yeah, but considering this time last year I couldn’t really do one. I am very excited to start training for
Regionals. I love this type of training, I love the grind that it
has and I love that there’s a really fun and exciting weekend at the end of it.
Training for Regionals, it’s less endurance. Like, it’s not training for the Games.
It’s high skill and heavy loads and short bursts, so, that’s gonna be my my
focus. I’m hoping this year that there’s gonna
be some new movements introduced. I’d love for them to bring out a pegboard at Regionals.
I think that could be in the cards. That would be
interesting. Recovery is so important. I didn’t realise how important it was up
until a couple years ago, but I really enjoy my stretching. It’s something that
does benefit me, I know it doesn’t suit everyone but stretching I really need to
stretch personally. And I also just like the little mental break that you have, so
you just sit down for half an hour stretch and just relax and think about
your breathing. I do a Rom WOD every day, whether it’s straight after
training or at night time. Generally I’ll do a bit of both but
definitely stretching just before bed. Then I’ll try to do you like hot yoga
or something like that once a week. It definitely impacts my mental
preparedness as well, and I just also feel better after stretching.
The thing about training and competing that I really love is… I just really love
doing it and I’ve been doing it for such a long time that it’s just what I’m used
to. I really love training every day I like knowing and feeling that I’m
bettering myself and my fitness. I like feeling fit and healthy. In terms of
competing, that’s just a whole lot of fun and I love even though it’s a
stressful time I also really love the nerves and the rush that you get from it
as well. Hi guys, thanks for watching our video.
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  1. I love this video! I find it inspirational. Great work. Great music as well. Keep up the good work! 💚

  2. An amazing and inspirational athlete!! The future of Crossfit is strong with such an amazing personality in Maddie!

  3. Woo shout out to emu plains. Hope she crushes it!Also curious why the static stretching pre-workout, as opposed to light cardio and dynamic stretching? Any added benefit??

  4. All the best Maddie. Have been following you on insta since last years games. Hope all the effort gets you far this season. yewwwwwwwww

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