The Kettlebell Floor Press

So when we’re gonna get into our floor press– A little different, its approach, as far as putting them in–bringing them onto ourselves, right? It’s not so much the log, or it’s not the log roll at all. This time we just have a nice little wedging of our elbows into the ground, creating some tension through the bicep, locking in, rolling back, and using our upper body or the weight of our body to help bring the bells up. Web of the hand deep to the corner of the bell. Going deep insertion. Okay. So I rock back. Right here, elbows have touched. My gut is tight. My biceps are tight. As my shoulders descend to the ground, the bells come up. Okay? So as I come down, I rotate them out. I use myself and the weight again as a nice little counter. So we come in. They’re nice and close. Deep insertion. Elbows touch. Gut is tight. Biceps are tight. I lean back with my shoulders, bells come up, and we start in our vertical position of the forearm. We press. Push ’em over the shoulders. Blades pull ’em back down. Push. Pull back down. Okay, thumbs turn out. Tension in the bicep. Sit up. Counterbalance the weight. All the way to the top.

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  1. This move actually built up my chest just as much if not more than the bench variation. Not to mention that it is shoulder friendly. Thanks for posting.

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