The newest member of team Athletigen: Brista Mayfield

I Coach: I mean I’ll tell anybody, she’s the best athlete to work with, bar none, out of out of anybody ever worked with. I don’t know how she does it. Whatever it takes to make herself better she just does Brista: You are a crazy kid My name is Brista Mayfield and I’m training for the CrossFit Regionals I had a gymnastics scholarship and an academic scholarship, so gymnastics was the thing that kind of brought me to Texas but once I graduated college I was able to add a little bit more time to do CrossFit and go to a CrossFit gym So I started that in the fall of 2010. I really had no idea What was going to come of it or anything like I just was doing it for fun So I did the Open in 2011 and made it to Regionals that year 2012 did the same thing made it to Regionals After 2012 I took 2013 off. I had my son Bo and then I took that year after 2013 took from there until Bo I said I was going to give myself a year to get back to where I was Coach: She needed a year just to kind of Take a step back and say hey, I can’t you know commit so much time and then right after she went team She’s going back individuals. So you know we talked and I said yeah, I’ll work with you, no problem. Brista: You know, each year I feel like I’ve added something different to my training and my preparation Adding a coach and then really dialling into my nutrition And then I think this year the biggest challenge for me will be the mental part of it That coupled with maybe the little underlying things that I may not be aware of Sleep, stress that those types of issues that may have not ever been addressed in the past but I can really focus on that now too Coach: like I said there’s no athlete like her. There’s athletes that are committed as her, I won’t say that there’s no one as committed But to have a husband who travels, to have a little son who comes to the gym with you? 100% of the time, I mean to work all in between that, catch no breaks She’s I mean she’s she’s made it. I don’t know how she does it Body-wise Health-Wise you know recovery wise I’m Feeling really good, so I’m excited to see how the next couple months goes with training and stuff too. I took it up a notch

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