The Open Is a Great Time of Year

It’s Monday this Thursday, 18.1 presented
by Paleoethics, kicking off eighteen season. Sam Briggs, Kristin Holte. I’m not
trying to be a dick but I’m late. A word for anybody that hasn’t register [for the Open] just yet? Oh dude, here’s the deal, I don’t care if you do or you don’t. I think you should. I think you get a lot
to gain if you’re an affiliate owner. Look, I talked to ten affiliates that had
over 200 people in the Open, all of them said, “this is the best time of the
year.” They closed registration for their
affiliate like at the beginning of February. They’re that good–they’re that
fired up about it–so, if somebody who has enough people in their gym to have 200
in the Open isn’t enough for you? Then I don’t know what else would be, but that there’s extrinsic things. Dude, you can do the Open without paying for it. You could go do it. But, then you don’t know how you did. Then next
year you don’t have the leaderboard from last year. Then you don’t get to talk shit to your buddy because you’re like “oh this is what I got.” He knows you didn’t get judged, he knows you didn’t submit an official score, maybe you did it after the deadline was closed–like why wouldn’t you compete in the competition?
And in that case, for me, if you’re doing it anyways why not? Like what’s the… what point are you proving? Like what sword are you falling upon? If it’s because
you don’t pay us, I think that’s stupid. – Oh my god! Julie Foucher is here! What?
– Sorry, I just messed up your whole video. – Hi!
– How are you? – Oh my God, what are you doing? – I’m going to Brazil right now.
– Oh right now? – Yeah, pretty much.
– Sign up for the Open! – Dude, Foucher’s doing the Open.
– I mean, jump in, right? What else do you need?

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  1. This will be my first year trying out for the open, i've been in crossfit for about 4 months now :}, looking forward to being scared of this, but, pump with adrenaline :}

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