The ORIGINAL 300 Workout RECORD TIME 13:34 WOD 300

Hello! I’m Mario Gabud and I’ve demonstrated the „Training 300“. Wait just a second, so I can catch my breath and then I’ll explain to You the exercises and the load. So, this was performed the same as the original program of the „Training 300“. There are different variations of the program but this is the original one. This one was used for testing the actors just before they started filming the movie „300“, those Spartans. This is the reason why the training became so well known. So, the first exercise is the pull-ups, 25 reps. We will be doing them in the most correct and fastest way possible. We lift our chin above the bar and lower ourselves until our arms are straight. By the way, I’d recommend You not to swing yourself but do the correct pull-ups instead. Then we have the deadlift with 60 kg (132 lbs). So, we have the men’s olimpic bar, which is 20kg (44 lbs) and a 20kg plate (44 lbs) on each side. You will notice that I’ve set 3 tatami mats under the plates, because this plates are smaller than the (olimpic) „bumper“ plate. Here, I’ll show you… I’ve measured it correctly… „bumper“ should easily fit the bar without any problems, perfectly straight, look. This is the same height. Then we have pushups, 50 reps. Again, You should lower yourself some 5 to 7 cm (2 to 3 inches)(or lower) above the floor. Straighten Your arms. You don’t have to lock-out your elbows but straighten your arms. Then we have the jumping on a 60 cm (23in) plyo box. Here, let me show You. 60 cm (23 in). As you see, after You jump on the box, straighten Your legs. Hop!… Not like this that doesn’t count Then we have this here ( floor wipers ). So, men’s olimpic bar- 20 kg (44 lbs), a 15 kg plate (33 lbs) on each side and a 5 kg plate(11lbs) (on each side). So, 60 kg (132 lbs) again. We hold it above ourselves and touch both sides with our feet. So, after we’ve touched both sides, we count it as 1. We don’t count it on each side …1,2,3,4,…, but instead …(1) 1, (2) 2,… After that, we have „Clean and Press“ with a 16 kg „kettlebell“ (35 lbs). Here, I hope that the weight is visible. Again, we will do 25 repetitions with one arm, 25 repetitions with the other arm. We don’t change to the other arm until we have finished all 25 repetitions with the first one. Only after we have finished with the first arm we may move to the other arm. There are variations that use a „dumbell“ but it’s not the same as with the „kettlebell“ and I’d recommend You all to use „kettlebell“ as is in the original variation. If You wish to follow the „Training 300“ then You should follow all of it’s rules. And in the end, we have another 25 pull-ups. And that is it. After the training You will certainly need about 5 minutes or so to recover This training is highly intensive. Experienced practitioners should perform it in this way, and the less experienced ones – it would be for the best that You start learning the technique first and then master the easier loads, pull-ups with some kind of resistance bands or with the help of a training buddy, jumping on a smaller box or some kind of a bench. So, all the exercises but with an easier load because this program really requires lots of training and dedication in order for it to be completed in an optimal time-limit. Now, since we’ve mentioned the optimal time-limit, an excellent result would be under the 20 min mark. My time today is some 13 min 36 sec (correct : 13 min 34 sec), I’m not sure, we will have to check it later. Now, I would like to ask You all to follow me on my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channel under the name „Gabudizator“. We will upload more of these interesting videos, make sure to follow up. Thank you, Goodbye!

49 Replies to “The ORIGINAL 300 Workout RECORD TIME 13:34 WOD 300”

  1. good work dude, on the floor swipers or whatever they are called are you supposed to do feet up the middle too?

  2. Ok, pitanje za milion dolara koje jos niko nije resio. Ceo zivot se rekreativno bavim borilackim sportovima. Sada imam 40+ godina visok sam 176 ali nikako ne mogu da predjem 60-62 kg to je neki maksimum. Koristio sam proteine, gejnere, sada kreatin, 3 obroka, 2 medjuobroka, nutricionista mi je pravio plan hranjenja ali jednostavno NISTA ne pomaze svih ovih godina unazad. Ne postoji sta nisam pokusao osim steroida, jel ima neko neki predlog?

  3. Са мојих 187 цм висине и 90кг тежине када бих ово радио сваки дан месец дана,каква би промена била ?

  4. Zver ,svaka cast 🙂 Ima jos jedna zanimljiva verzija ovog treninga pa ako zelis probaj:
    25 squats
    50 military press 50kg
    50 leg raises
    50 frog jumps
    50 clean and jerks 16kg kettlebell
    50 double jumps on jump ropes
    25 squats

  5. Imam jednu zamjerku! Mislim da nisi rekao broj ponavljanja mrtvog dizanja… E hehehehe!😂 Šala mala naravno.!Svaka čast! Zavidna forma!😯!

  6. Svaka cast legendo! Ja sam uspia napravit najbolje za 18 min i to je bilo ubijanje al ti si ovo odradida stvarno zavidno 💪 respect

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