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Hi – it’s Garry Robinson here from Kaizen
Outdoor Fitness. This video is about how you can deliver all
the benefits of a Crossfit program to your clients, without any of the downside. Group Outdoor Personal Training, Civilian
Bootcamps and Crossfit® are general physical preparedness programs (GPP). In other words, the outcome of the training
is to prepare the participants for the general physical demands of modern life. This ‘everyday fitness’ often requires
us to carry out such diverse tasks as: Running for a bus
Lifting small children Pushing cars that won’t start, or Carrying shopping bags upstairs when the lift
is out Participating in a community charity fun run
Hauling bags of mulch into the trunk of a car after a trip to the garden centre. We may also have to Climb trees to rescue stray footballs, cats
or kids Place bags in overhead lockers on planes
Participate in a pop-up ball game at a family picnic You get the idea… Now, what is notable is that the side effects of GPP training includes fat
loss, better mobility, strong and healthy bones, a ‘toned’ body and a more focused
mind. It is these benefits that are drawing more
and more people to GPP programs such as Crossfit®, civilian bootcamps and group outdoor personal
training. Gyms don’t work because the facilities and
services they provide are simply irrelevant to 95% of the general population. Most of the machines in these places actually
involve sitting down, an exercise that most of us get plenty of training in already! Group exercise classes are slightly better
from a fun and functional point of view but they generally over-emphasise aerobic / endurance
and neglect to train the lactate and phosphate
energy systems. In fact, they often omit power and fast-twitch
strength completely. So GPP programs based on functional movements, teamwork, and led by
professional fitness coaches are becoming increasingly popular because they are more
relevant to our everyday lives. Why? Because the movements and drills replicate real life situations. See, under stress, we revert to our training. If this training is practical and functional
then we become better equipped at dealing with the unpredictable demands that life throws
at us. Crossfit® is an excellent example of a GPP
exercise prescription. Its philosophy of constantly varied, functional exercises that
are often done at high intensity closely resembles real life tasks. It has become the training method of choice
for military and emergency services because of the extreme physical challenges that those
professions face on a daily basis. However, the drawback of Crossfit® for the
general public is the Olympic lifting and powerlifting components. Barbell weight lifting is a fringe sport that requires skill. While it is no doubt effective at building
strength, the movements are complicated and require access to a knowledgeable coach if
they are to be learned safely. Because barbell lifting is a sport, it does not truly reflect real world loads. Many people struggle with the wrist and thoracic
mobility required to make these lifts safely. In particular, supporting a loaded bar in
the ‘rack’ position is extremely uncomfortable
for most people and is often impossible for untrained athletes. Sandbags are great alternative to barbells
for Crossfit coaches, bootcamp operators and outdoor personal trainers. They are generally constructed from durable,
military-grade materials and are virtually indestructible. Unlike metal bars, they will not corrode if
they get wet and can be transported to and from the park or beach easily. The shifting weight and awkward size means
that sandbags simulate real life loads too. They can be lifted, dragged, thrown, slammed,
passed, caught and grappled with safety. Imagine the damage caused by throwing or slamming
a loaded barbell and you will see why sandbags are actually far more versatile for the outdoor
trainer. There is a further benefit for bootcamp business
owners– because the weight comes from sand, they are extremely cost effective. Good bumper plates cost upwards of $5 per
kilogram and a single Olympic bar will set you back several hundred dollars. The whole Olympic lifting set for one person
could easily set you back $1000 whereas a good quality, purpose-made sandbag can be
purchased for a tenth of the price. If you invested in only one piece of resistance
training equipment for your bootcamps, sandbags would be a really good choice. In terms of a viable substitute for barbells,
nothing comes close. Just to recap then, Everyday fitness can be gained by following
a structured,program of general physical preparedness such as Crossfit
Health clubs and gyms don’t work because the facilities and services are irrelevant
to 95% of the population. Crossfit is awesome but the Olympic lifting
element is impractical and inappropriate for untrained athletes (the majority of our clients)
Sandbags offer an extremely viable alternative to barbell training – especially in an outdoor
environment. Now, if you would like and endless supply
of done-for-you GPP programs based on movements and drills that replicate real life situations
– that’s all the benefits of Crossfit workouts without the skill demands of barbell lifting
– you should join Kaizen Outdoor Fitness Membership. Because each week I send out 6 group outdoor workouts, carefully designed
to provide constant variety. Each one is scaled so that every individual
in your group gets to train at intensity that’s right for them and there are even video demos
of the exercises so you can see how to coach and cue the movements. Not only will this save you hours of time
each week, these programs will accelerate the results of your clients and eliminate
training plateaus that are inevitable when you simply piece together random workout ideas. This is a very competitive, results-driven
business Don’t risk your reputation by delivering ‘random’
workout programs outside the context of a carefully prepared program
Kaizen Outdoor Fitness workout programs are now considered to be the gold standard in
civilian group fitness training. Join Kaizen Outdoor Fitness now and raise
your standards. See you inside!

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