The Sampler Exercise Class at LA Fitness

[fast-paced music starts] One thing that’s great about LA Fitness is that we provide a
sampler class that allows our members to try something new. They’re easy-to-follow steps, and what we do introduce is a
warm-up, a Step, Kickbox Cardio, and Latin Heat. [music gets louder] I’ve never done Step before, I’ve never done Latin Heat. You get to get all that aggression out with your kickboxing. [music continues] LA Fitness members are motivated to come back to
a class because they feel encouraged. You know, you mess up, but everyone’s laughing and having a good time. Once you’re in here, in this environment, our masks are all taken off. They get to meet other people. It’s a community.
It’s comradery amongst everybody. Everybody feels welcome. [music fades out] Everyone’s here to have a great time and get a good workout.

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