The Sport-Like Quality of CrossFit

The impetus is this: I new everyone was working out wrong. You’d go to the gym—before CrossFit—and it was about endurance, he or she who could last the longest. Or about, you know, bicep size, you got your swole on. And now all of a sudden we’ve got so many foot-pounds per minute expressed over
so many minutes. And so we’ve turned fitness into an engineering
problem. It’s a successful enterprise designed to make people better, and it’s
highly quantifiable and out of that will very, very naturally
come a competition. This is the sport- like quality of CrossFit at every application. The Open is an affiliate-driven event and the fittest men and women in the world are in their membership. The Games winners
are representative of the gal that’s lost 100 pounds, of the dude that has gotten off blood-pressure medication, and the young homemaker that’s bounced back from two babies in two years. They are those
that have climbed Everest before all mountain
climbers. And that’s the beauty of it.

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  1. Brings up the question, when will schools adopt CrossFit and have school vs school competitions? Somewhat like the newly formed ¨grid league¨ except at a high school level. That would be something I would do without a doubt!

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