The trend of fitness: New gym-goers give extreme exercise a try

Hello my name is Cynthia, I’ve been a member
of crossfit mission gorge since january i started to workout because i was having a
few health issues because i had high blood pressure and was over-weight so my doctor
gave me the option of either losng weight or worout or taking pill but i didnt want
to go into meds so i decided…i started off with insanity and zumba and now im at cross
fit and i really like it… Ready and go good stand…put your feet back
together and go Everyday we have a different workout posted
and posted online the night before and we run our classes and we run everyone through
a group warm up we do a movement prep we talk about what were going to be doing for that
day… Ready…get on the top…stand…open your
hips step down…your good…stand…and come down…there’s no rebounding off the top just
jump on top stand all the way up and get back down and repeat…questions on this
we always have in the corner all of our workouts posted the on ramp version and that’s for
people who are new and coming back from an injury or just starting crossfit and usually
that entails a more simplified movement…the weight is lighter scale..less reps…less
time…make sure that that person is moving in a safe way and they’re not going to over-exert
themselves crunch that bar…get underneath it… The number one problem that i ran into from
the beginning and i still kind of have is my flexibility issue that im working on…i
do various stretches with the resistance band or stretches my own or against the wall…I
think the trend is a little silly and i kind of make fun of it myself but there i go following
the trend as always…i think i do it because i like trying new things and my body hits
a plateau at times so it needs a constant change in workouts so ive done several types
of workouts like when zumba was in or insanity was in and now crossfit is popular and i think
for people that would like to follow the trend need to remember is that you need to…in
order to prevent the injury they need to stretch they need to do the movements right and i
noticed that its better going on your own pace than to speed through the workout because
that could cause an injury if youre not actually doing the workout correctly.

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