The Try Guys Try American Ninja Warrior

– [Voiceover] We are kicking off season seven of American Ninja Warrior, and we promise to bring you
some of the biggest stars on the planet, and these guys, the Try Guys from Buzzfeed. – I’m Matt Iseman, alongside former NFL defensive end Akbar Gbajabiamila. – [Akbar] Look, if you’ve
got the name Try Guys you gotta believe they’re
gonna come out there and do their absolute best. – Well, a lot of the times
we’ve talked about it it’s not necessarily the athletic ability. It’s the courage, and
it’s the determination. – (yells) No, no, no! – (laughs) Could barely
keep a straight face. (dramatic music) – Ninja Warrior is one of the peak fitness competitions in the world. – I think it’s all about brains. I think physical fitness is overrated. – Everything they do looks
impossible, and they fail at it. – My therapist said positive
thinking is really important. – I have no chance. (dramatic music) – [Voiceover] No matter what, you guys should just be proud of
yourself, and excited. – So you’re saying that
talent and preparedness has nothing to do with this. – That’s what I’m hearing. – I think that you made that up. – I think that most of the audience isn’t really quite familiar with the actual training involved, so they have to make sure it’s down pat before they get onto that course. – I started out with gymnastics when I was a lot younger, and then transitioned into snowboarding and diving and trampolining, and
then freerunning parkour. – Let’s see… I, I do nothing. – Who do you think is gonna do the best? – Just looking at you guys I’m gonna have to say definitely Jordan. – I have a well-rounded skill set being a former gymnast,
current cross-fitter. – Who’s the cutest? – That’s gotta be Eugene, on that one. He’s, he’s very good looking. – Eugene might have
some trouble, obviously. But otherwise I think everyone
else’s chances are real good. – Fuck it, I’m doing
it. (yells and laughs) – What’s the secret to
the quintuple steps? – A lot of people overlook
them, and they think it’s the first one, it’s
easy, and it’s the opposite. – Ninja warrior, cat-style. – I don’t like the cat technique. – Do you meow when you do it? – You have to. – Meow! meow! meow! – The cat with the most
adorable sounding method, and it was the best one. – Meow! – It’s the big man,
sportin’ four eyes, Keith! – [Akbar] When you look at a guy this big, you better expect he’s
gonna dominate this course. – Now that I think that I can do it, it’s gonna
be easy, no problem. – Once we fly past the quintuple steps,
what’s the second obstacle? – [Voiceover] It’s a curtain slider, to – Grabbing a rope, swinging, landing on a platform. – This trampoline is delightful, oh God! (others laugh) – Nailed it. – [Voiceover] You wanna
jump through the rope. So you don’t wanna jump to it, because then when you grab, everything’s gonna be pulling you down. – No, no! (laughs) – [Akbar] Zach has got a
different type of strength. He’s got testicular strength. – The rope may or may not
have gotten caught on my nuts. It’s all good, though. – And he’s so serious, he’s
doing it without his glasses. – Looks like it’s just a walk in the park. – I would say a run in the park, because once you get on it,
it will completely drop. – I hate falling. – All of Ninja Warrior
course is potential falling. – Yeah, I’m aware! (others laugh) – This guy has fantastic
hair, it’s Eugene! – [Akbar] I love Eugene’s
hair like you said, but more than that, I
love this guy’s speed. He is definitely gonna
be the guy to look for. – [Matt] Well, it is
American Ninja Warrior. Eugene does have an
advantage in that regard. – The fourth obstacle, they’re tilted in different
directions, but they spin. So you need to get your momentum, swing, grab the next one, keep swinging. – So once we pass the buckets
with ease, what’s next? – It looks like you’re gonna have to go from one unstable bridge down to a tramp, and try to catch the other one. – So first of all, who
here can do a pull up? – Me – You gotta use your arms, pull pull pull. – I know you think I’m not
pulling, because I’m not moving. (laughter) – There you go, wow. (grunts and yells) – Nope, nope, I can’t do it, can’t do it. – I’ll also pose in front of it. (everyone cheers) – Now we’re getting serious, the Try Guys are not great athletes, so they recruited someone with some skill,
it’s the Try Girl, Jordan. – We can do what the guys can do, and sometimes even better than them. – So what about the warped wall? What advice do you have for that? – Just go fast, and keep your chest up. A lot of people lean forward to it, so they run right into the wall. (yells) (yells) (yelps) – You want a hug? – Yeah I do, I do want a hug. – (yells) No! – I like that slide, that
was a solid slide. (applause) – Let’s get ready to climb the wall! – [Akbar] You talk about a
guy with lower body strength Ned is that guy, and
he gets it from soccer. – And he gets it from the
support of Ned’s wife. (laughter) (cheering and yelling) – Eugene! Eugene! – Well that was a really fun day. I’m completely ready for Ninja Warrior. – You sure about that? – Why does it smell like butts in here? It smells like straight up butts. – What’s the likelihood
I get to hit the button? (laughter) – I think like, as a team we
are one complete Ninja Warrior. – [Akbar] The Try Guys, they are going to participate tag-team style. – I think it’s the first and only tag-team these guys will be getting. So each one will attempt an obstacle. When they hit the water, they will then swap out and move on. – It’s an hour before we run the course, they’re still building it. I don’t feel safe, because
they’re still, there’s a crane! – I’ve been practicing
extensively, by saying positive affirmations
to myself in the mirror. – Zach is completely delusional, positive thinking isn’t
gonna get him anywhere. – There’s so much training involved. Everyone here or out there,
who has been waiting in line for weeks, they’ve been
working at this for years. – I have not done a pull up,
because I don’t need them. – My wife and her mother are coming today. I better not mess it up for them. – Today the culmination of it
all, I’m probably at my worst. I’m gonna fall in some water for NBC. – One, two, three, believe in yourself! – Whoo! – Ned in the starting blocks,
and looking at this body type, the one thing I wish he would try is a little more clothing, Akbar. – [Akbar] I don’t like
his shorts by the way. Oh! He just Tebowed! He just Tebowed! – [Matt] I like it! – [Akbar] Hallelujah! – [Matt] Another great
athlete, with an injured hip. Let’s take a look at
what he’s doing there. Not a strong start there on
the quintuple steps, Akbar. – [Matt] You know what,
it’s not a strong start, and it’s not a, did he just meow? – I think he did, he’s looking – What?! – A little bit like an injured cat here. – Hold on, come on, you a grown man. You can’t meow on the quintuple steps. You gotta attack it like a tiger! – [Matt] And it definitely reminds me, get your pets spayed and neutered, and maybe get Ned spayed and neutered too. Having a little trouble here, hung up. He really seemed to
enjoy that last landing on the quintuple steps, but he is through! – [Akbar] And he’s still, he’s done it! – [Matt] Unbelievable,
and Zach is hugging him. This is an odd celebration
in the middle of the course. And Ned’s wife! – [Akbar] And Ned’s wife, huh. – [Matt] I never thought we’d see that. – [Akbar] And check out the
explosion here on the replay – [Matt] His best angle
is from behind, Akbar. – [Akbar] Let me tell you, you talk about the best gluteus maximus,
and minimus, and medius, it’s coming from Ned. – But now it’s time for
the big man, all 6’3″ or 6’9″ as we may estimate. – 6’6″ get it right. – [Matt] Well with those glasses he looks better suited to attacking a math problem, but so far, a strong
performance outta Keith, Akbar. – [Akbar] That’s messed up,
you just called him a nerd. – [Matt] But now the circle slider, and perhaps the weakest of them, Zach. A man who said positive
thought was gonna get him through this and carry him to the buzzer. – [Akbar] Oh boy, here goes Zach. Bring out the brick foam, keep your Ls, keep your Ls, ohh! – [Matt] Weak transition there outta Zach, not a great athletic approach Akbar. – [Akbar] You know, that’s
gotta be one of the worst transitions I’ve ever seen
on American Ninja Warrior. You can tell he tried
to reach out there, but what does he think he’s doing? – [Matt] Well I will say
Keith was hoping he’d get wet. He said Zach hadn’t showered in a while. So there is that benefit. – [Akbar] There he is, he smells better. – [Matt] Look at that,
offering the support the Try Guys, brothers to the bitter end. – [Matt] But now Eugene, trying to tackle here the tilting table. – [Akbar] This is the man
we’ve been waiting for. This is the showstopper,
here it is right there. I see you, go for it! – Oh and through it! And the Justin Bieber hair
doesn’t slow him down! – He’ll feel that one tomorrow. – [Matt] A strong blow and
now we’re getting serious. The Try Guys, look at that stumble, and the determination
to get through, Akbar. – [Akbar] That is athleticism
at its best right there. Even though he has internal bleeding, he still made it through, I’m impressed. – [Matt] Well now, Jordan about to get into the basket toss and Akbar, this is gonna be a tall
approach here for her. And look at her hold on! – [Akbar] Oh, she just went air up there! I see you Air Jordan! – [Matt] I can see why they chose her, and not Zach for this. Look at that transition, great
body control outta Jordan. But now in a bit of no-man’s land. – You’ve gotta use all core here. Jordan if there’s ever a core, right now, core move, you gotta make it. Make that leap, make that leap. – [Matt] Needs to reach out for it. Oh! She’s wet, and Jordan
goes down getting wet, Akbar. A great choice of words as
Jordan ends up in the water. And now, Keith on the hourglass drop. Well they expect big things outta Keith. – [Akbar] Yeah, I mean he’s a big guy – [Matt] Six feet, three inches of Keith I think he’s got a great chance. – [Akbar] He’s 6’6″, first off. – [Matt] 6’7″, I think it’s gonna grow with every telling, so hard though – [Akbar] What! You
gotta be able to grab on! Look you saw, he wasn’t
even able to get two hops! – That may have been one of the quickest failures we’ve ever seen. Let’s take a look now, the
warped wall, the final obstacle! 14 feet, and we are back to Ned. Try Guys having surprising success, can they get up this most iconic obstacle? – [Akbar] Alright, he’s just testing out the warped wall, this
is a veteran move there. – [Matt] 14 feet against Eugene. – I can feel it. I am
literally sweating right now. This is the power of visualization. You’ve seen it, now do it. – [Matt] Building up the locomotive, I think, I can, oh! One last attempt for Ned. – [Akbar] You’re the Try Guys, this is the time when you have to try. – I haven’t seen Ned look this bad since I saw him in the lingerie. Get to the top and explode, last attempt! – [Akbar] Oh! No! – [Matt] Coming down, a
slide and it is over for Ned. Well even Zach was disappointed in Ned, and that’s saying something. Now it all comes down to this, Eugene. One last attempt for
the Try Guys, 14 feet! – [Akbar] There he is, there he is! This kid has done it! – [Matt] Oh that move right there is big-time, prime-time,
show-time, all-time! – I am literally sweating
right now, can you see? – This is, you are sweating profusely and I think what we just
saw is one of the greatest performances in the history
of American Ninja Warrior. He violated every rule
we have but I loved it. – [Akbar] Look at this,
they’re going nuts! – [Matt] They look like
teenage girls who just saw NSYNC, what was that celebration? – I don’t know. – I’m ashamed for them, but they did it! The Try Guys are American Ninja Warriors. – The relay team, where
it was okay to advance even if you failed, did the course. – If you could always
advance after failing, life would be great. – Yeah! – That’s a great positive
attitude to have, right Zach? – My therapist was wrong,
positive thinking is bullshit. – I’d rather watch it on TV
while eating six frozen pizzas. – Seeing this pinnacle of
achievement is so inspiring. I can see how people
dedicate their lives to this. – I am extra motivated, and
I’m coming back next year. – What will we try next? – You want a towel? – Yes. – Well that’s an unbelievable start to the season of American Ninja Warrior. The Try Guys have proven
they’re do guys Akbar. – Try hard, or go home. – [Matt] One of the most amazing things about having these Try Guys out here is watching them with so
little training athletically, how much they’ve truly
tackled in their background, from UFC fighting to stripping. (laughter) – I think that’s the end bump right there.

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