13 Replies to “The WARRIORS’ Way in Calisthenics (EPIC Workout Motivation), Train Fitness Be Strong Every day&Week”

  1. Which day is your favorite? Shunday-Monsterday-Toughestday-Witness(me)day-Thirstday-Flightday-Slaytheday?
    Which calisthenics skill(s) that you struggle with and aim this 2020? LET US KNOW!👇👇

  2. Bang Denis, sya kan lebih ke max weight (fokus ke pengembangan otot) kalo mau ngelatih skil planche kira² otot bakal nyusut gk ya? Dan enaknya latih skil brapa bulan sekali

  3. Watching this on Valentine's day. This is beyond motivational bro!! You show us your real struggles and a crazy level of resilience. The kind of love that I need💪

  4. Nice video bro👍
    For me witnes (me) Day, Sy lagi coba lock ke stradlle planche, susahhhhh nya. Kayanya stuck di tuck planche mulu🤣

    Coba benerin dulu flexibility nya,
    Kayaknya ada masalah di situ, bekas cidera hamstring.

    Btw ada gerakan bisa di copy paste di video, ntar bisa di coba.

    Thank'u video nya,
    Sukses, sehat and fit always👍🙏💪

  5. I am a warrior, not a worrier. I will prevail through trials and pain with the help of patience and time!💪
    HEAP OF THANKS brother!

  6. 😳Ajarin one arm pullup bang, planche jg, semuanyaa deh😅Video2 bang Den bnyk mengubah mindsetku, sukses trs bang Den💪

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