THENX Workout Challenge with Chris Heria | 2019

– What’s up elite Thenx
athletes, it’s Chris Heria. Welcome to another video of Officialthenx. Today we have something
very special for you guys. We’re gonna be doing a Thenx challenge. (upbeat music) Today’s challenge, we’re gonna be testing our strength, endurance, and skills. Now there’s no real challenge
without some technical advanced calisthenics exercises, and that’s where the skills
aspect is gonna come from. Our endurance will be challenged by a high number of reps, and our power will be tested
with the weighted exercises. So this challenge is
for everyone watching. There’s gonna be some
things that are gonna be easier than others, and of
course there’re gonna be some things that are gonna challenge you a lot more than others as well. And along the way I’m always gonna give an alternative exercise you can do if you can’t perform the
exercise that I’m doing, but it’s gonna be a relevant exercise and it’s gonna be relatively
the same intensity. In fact, if you train those exercises, you’ll be able to do the ones
that I’m doing eventually. So there’s no excuses, whatever you do, just finish the reps,
even if you’re not doing the exact same exercise that I’m doing. The challenge is to complete
the required amount of reps in the required amount of time. And for this challenge you’ll need to complete all the exercises in under 11 minutes. Now the challenge is muscle
ups, side to side, 10 times, 90 degree push-ups, five times. Deadlifts at 315, five times. Push-ups, 50. Front lever raises, eight times. Handstand push-ups, 10 times. Barbell squats, 255 for five reps. And lastly, commando pull-ups for 20 reps. Now make sure you have all the equipment set up and ready to go because
this is gonna be timed. Just because it’s timed though, you don’t need to sacrifice
your form for speed because if you don’t do it right then those reps don’t even
count need the first place. If you do them with correct form and efficiently as possible, reduce the amount of rest time, you’re gonna be able to get
through this in a good time. And whether or not you
win this challenge or not, it’s still a great workout, and the more you come back
to this challenge and try it, I guarantee you, eventually
you’re gonna get it. And remember I’m gonna have an
alternative move for you guys every single exercise. So if you’re ready, let’s get started. The first move is gonna
be muscle up side to side. If you can’t do those
I want you to go ahead and do some negative muscle ups, 10 times. (upbeat music) A little extra one for good luck. Alright next move we have is
90 degree handstand push-ups. If you guys can’t do these, you’re gonna go ahead and
go into handstand presses. If you can’t do ’em freestanding, go ahead and do them against the wall. And when you’re descending back down from the handstand press,
try to make the negative of that movement as slow
and controlled as possible. Let’s go for five. (upbeat music) I almost gassed out on that last one. Alright. Next we have deadlift. This is about, I think it’s 315. Alright perfect, we’re
gonna go for five reps. Now this is nothing crazy but if you cannot do
this amount of weight, the alternative would be
doing the same exact movement, just reducing the amount of weight. You could use the amount of weight that you would do three reps with, but while still keeping perfect form and definitely challenging you. Then we’re gonna push
for those extra two reps. Let’s go for it. (intense music) Alright, no rest,
straight into 50 push-ups. (upbeat music) If you couldn’t do them straight, of course you could go
down onto your knees. Go ahead and catch your breath. Just don’t stop, complete the reps. Next is front lever raises. Gimme some quality reps. If you can’t do front lever raises, go for toes to bar. (relaxed music) Perfect. I’m starting to get gassed
now, but we can’t give up. The next move we have
is handstand push-ups. Of course if you can’t do them, the alternative is gonna be
doing them against the wall. If you can’t do them against the wall, elevated pike push-ups, or pike push-ups. Let’s get it. (relaxed music) Woo! Definitely starting to feel that now, but we cannot slow down. I wish I had more weights. But I’m gonna have to use some time racking up this bar right here. Next we have barbell squats. Now again, if you can’t
do this much weight, just do as many as you can to be able to do three
reps with perfect form. We’re gonna go for five. Really push those last two. (intense music) Little extra credit there. We’re on the last move. We have commando pull-ups. No hesitation. The alternative is
jumping commando pull-ups. If you can’t do it first, try to do as many real
commando pull-ups as you can. When you’ve gassed out,
continue on jumping. Let’s do these last 20 reps. (upbeat music) Last one. Oh! That’s a challenge. Right there, we did it. Hell yeah. Thanks so much for watching and congratulations to making
it all the way to the end. The next Thenx challenge
is gonna be weighted. Get ready for that one. Let me know down in the comments section who and what you wanna see
in the next Thenx challenge, and subscribe to more
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100 Replies to “THENX Workout Challenge with Chris Heria | 2019”

  1. Hello Chris, my name is Kaio and I'm Brazilian, I will become a big fan of yours because your videos are very good and explanatory, even though I do not understand the speech very well, I can read through the caption and I understand your teachings perfectly, your channel was a watershed.

    Even the channels on my country's
    Calisthenics did not do me as well as yours, I very much hope you continue with your work, as I will dedicate 100% to your teachings, I will pay the PRO in your playstore application and also on your website, and I hope that I will be able to carry out his teachings well.
    And one last thing, you make the exercises look easy but they are really hard, and one thing I noticed on your channel was that you do not cut the videos, it actually shows "Live" how you do them, and it shows that you are a Professional really trained.

    From a big fan ^^.

    ps: My English is very weak, sorry for any typos.

  2. In your app, you post a daily workout everyday (as the word says) But my question is, Our muscles need to rest at least 48hr, how are we supposed to do the daily exercise everyday? We need to rest right?

  3. Hey Chris i wanted to ask a question can i a 15 year old work out two times a day one time working out calisthenics and the other time working out at the gym?

  4. Chris, puts legend in Portuguese. There are a lot of Brazilians watching you, and I'm one of them. thank you

  5. Why are you jacked like the other calisthenics guys on the internet when in reality you can do a lot more than they can! Is it the gear they are using?

  6. Hello do you have an exercise posture for the side shoulders, posterior or back shoulders and upper, middle and lower traps in a calisthenic styles?🤔

  7. Yay 😀 3 million subscribers Thenx crew
    Do a 3 million sub special
    Hope the channel increases more fans and subscribers
    Keep up the good work💪👍

  8. I've seen you do push ups lately and you always seem to only hit the 90 degree mark. Why don't you have your chest touch the ground and back up for push ups?

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    T /
    N / H
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    The Logo on the back of the shirt looks like that. (Not the Cartoon Style one)


  11. Bro I want to ask you a Question.

    What should be the ideal ratio between bodyweight exercise –

    Pull ups : push ups : Sit ups : Squats ?

  12. I need to thank you a bunch because once i left my bro he kept me working out but i left and a month at my home town i was working out but i was going to stop then i found your channel and youve really inspired me to keep pushing thank you 👌💪

  13. I watched another video where you said you work out about 6 times a week, but I have a slightly different question.. how long do you work out at a time? I'm looking to get back into calisthenics and in time I plan to try everything that you do on this channel to help me get in better shape so I can fully be happy with myself, as well as be in the best shape of my life. Last night was my first day back at working out and I did 3×20 push up, 3×10 pull ups, 3×10 L-sits, 3×25 crunches, and 3×10 slow and controlled Superman plank arm and leg raises. I tried to do pistol squats but I can't keep my thighs from shaking like crazy, so any tips on that as well would be very much appreciated!! I look forward to more upcoming videos 🙂

  14. Either my pushup form is wrong or his is, chest didn't touch the floor once, though his chest is huge so I could be wrong

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