Thieves smash car windows, steal purses at LA Fitness in Bonita Springs

OUTSIDE A POPULAR GYM IN LEE COUNTY. AND NOW… IT HAS MANY GYM-GOERS THERE… QUESTIONING THE SAFETY AND SECURITY… OF THEIR CARS… ONCE THEY GO IN TO WORK OUT. DEPUTIES SAY THE BREAK-INs HAPPENED YESTERDAY…. AT THE L-A FITNESS ON BONITA BEACH ROAD…. IN BONITA SPRINGS. FOUR IN YOUR CORNER’S KARL FORTIER…. SPEAKING WITH CLIENTS … AND REACHING OUT TO MANAGEMENT… TO FIND OUT WHAT — IF ANYTHING — IS BEING DONE TO PROTECT YOUR CAR. KARL? karl “The three victims in these cases all had their car windows smashed, and purses stolen. Lee County Sheriff’s Office can’t say if it’s connected, but this comes just a month after the same thing happened outside another LA Fitness in Lee County.” IMAGINE YOU’RE AT THE GYM BREAKING A SWEAT …WHILE OUTSIDE, THIEVES ARE BREAKING INTO YOUR CAR. THAT’S WHAT DEPUTIES SAY HAPPENED TO THREE MEMBERS AT THIS L-A FITNESS IN BONITA SPRINGS MONDAY MORNING …STEALING PURSES, I-Ds, CREDIT CARDS AND OTHER IMPORTANT ITEMS. “I am concerned.” GYM MEMBER JOHN FOILES SAYS HE MAKES SURE NOT TO TEMPT THIEVES WHO AREN’T AFRAID TO SMASH A WINDOW. John Foiles/Gym Member “Obviously never leave valuables in visual distance so they can see them and if you put ’em in the trunk, cover them.” THIS IS AT LEAST THE THIRD TIME THIS YEAR THAT CROOKS HAVE STOLEN PURSES FROM CARS AT L-A FITNESS CENTERS IN LEE COUNTY. THIEVES SMASHED CAR WINDOWS AT THE L-A FITNESS AT THE GULF COAST TOWN CENTER IN FEBRUARY AND JUNE… GETTING AWAY WITH ALMOST TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS WORTH OF PURSES, CREDIT CARDS AND OTHER ITEMS. FOILES SAYS WHEN IT’S TIME FOR YOUR WORKOUT, IT’S A GOOD IDEA TO BRING ANY POSSESSIONS INSIDE WITH YOU. “I always bring my own lock, I never leave my locker, no matter what gym I go to, without a lock on it.” karl “a manager at the LA Fitness tells me off-camera that they do recommend their clients use the available lockers… and that they are talking to their corporate office about possibly getting surveillance cameras for the parking lot. Karl Fortier Fox 4 in your corner.” DETECTIVES ASKING

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