Thigh Master Exercises : Thigh Master Benefits

Alright working on the thigh masters, we’re
going to talk about how easy they are to use. Let’s start with the outer thigh master. This
just because it’s my favorite one. And of course my outer thighs are in much better
shape then my inner thighs, but I think that’s true for most people. The inner thigh is a
lot harder to get to. So what you want to do is you are sitting on your chair and your
back, you want to keep your posture good, belly button into the spine. You always want
to work on that posture no matter what you are doing, cause that will help you in daily
life. It will also help with your abs. But back to the thigh master here. You want to
make sure your butt is right coming off that chair and why this is so easy to use is because
all you are doing is bringing your leg in and out, in and out, it’s very easy to use.
You could, what I used to do, I used to sit and read, when I was going to college. I would
read books and do like maybe like a hundred thigh master crunches with the inner or the
outer one. Then I would do a hundred with the outer. So again the easy use, real easy
to use, you do the same thing with the inner thigh one. Want to really work those inner
thighs. Alright so you can see how easy they are to use and you can even turn it the other
way around.

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