Thigh Master Exercises : Thigh Master Exercise: Chest

Now the great thing about the inner thigh
master is you can use it to work your arms too. So we are actually going to work our
chest right here though and we are going to push in and pull out and you will see that
that wire in there is really strong so you have really got to push, push in and when
you are taking it out don’t just let it bounce out, let it come back slowly and let it slowly
release and push it in and take it out, push it in, working that chest and take it out
and as the old saying goes we must we must increase our bust and if that only worked
wouldn’t we all be at the gym, well most of us. Again you are working that chest and you
are going to want to do some stretching to make sure you stretch this out after you are
done, just a couple more, if you are new at this 10 to 12 reps one set and if you’ve been
doing it a while go ahead and increase that from 12 to 15 and there we go that is how
we work our chest with the inner thigh master.

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