Thigh Master Exercises : Thigh Master Exercise: Outer Thighs

Working those outer thighs. You want to take
your feet to about hip width apart. You want to open up your thigh master and then you
want to take it in, take it out and take it in. If you are new at this maybe just do ten
to fifteen reps. If you are an old pro, like me, been doing the thigh master since nineteen
ninety six, well you can go ahead and you can do a hundred while you are reading that
book or watching TV, or in the passenger seat of a car. Sometimes at night, when I feel
like I just haven’t worked out that day, I’ll just go grab my thigh master and just do some
crunches on my thigh master. You can do up to, I do sometimes about a hundred and then
I’ll switch out go into the other one. And right now I can really feel this, I’m feeling
it on my outside of my thighs and I’m actually feeling it on the inside of my thighs. Cause
I’m contracting and contracting. You want to make sure you squeeze. Squeezing is very
important. That way you can get a much greater results from your exercise. It’s true in anything,
even if you were kicking, you want to squeeze, squeeze and squeeze. And that is how you use
the outer thigh master.

8 Replies to “Thigh Master Exercises : Thigh Master Exercise: Outer Thighs”

  1. @luvmyasianman Maybe she has been using it sense 1996! You don't know the size she was before she started!!! Oh hey…Before you judge someone, Go to the mirror, and make sure you are PERFECT In EVERY WAY! I guarantee you aren't anything "spectacular".

  2. I don't understand how she is opening hers out, mine doesn't bend that way, it does want to snap close when you push outwards.

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