what’s up a leaf that ex-athletes it’s Chris area welcome to another video of official 10x today I’m here with the latest Instagram sensation Lindsay or as other people know where as Lynn slay this girl is a beach so you definitely have to check her out which is exactly why I brought her along for this week’s whole body workout video so hit the link in the video description box below and let’s get this video started [Music] all right so if you click the link in the video description box below it should take you to this page here you can see the stats of the workout so the duration of this workout should be 45 60 minutes the repetitions and times indicated in the workout our goals rest one to two minutes between the rounds and rest 30 seconds between each exercise maintain perfect form and as always safety first guys for every weighted exercise choose a weight that will challenge you to reach the required repetitions that’s super important the actual number on the weight is not important but it’s how it feels when you do it so choose a weight that you can actually handle so here we go we have warm-up jumping jacks for two minutes then we go into mountain climbers for one minute we already did the warm-up so we’re going to go straight into the workout the first exercise of the workout is muscle up five times deadlift barbell eight times handstand kick-ups eight times straight bar dips ten times around the world eight times pistol squats five times and to max it all out we’re going to go for dips weighted dips max out and that completes the routine you want to make sure you can do this routine three times to complete the workout Lindsey are you ready so the first exercise you scroll up is muscle ups five times let’s go play [Music] [Music] whoo all right excellent Thanks so the next move we have [Music] deadlifts eight times here we go you ready let’s do it [Applause] [Music] yeah that stuff excellent so this is definitely a tough workout it’s good to see some of that girl power in here so how’d you get so strong anyway Lindsay got into weight training and bodybuilding and powerlifting and oh my gosh and that’s critical community so you’re like like a jack-of-all-trades basically that’s super cool and then how long ago in Cal sex party I’m pretty training January 15 so almost a full year now almost yeah you’re already doing much love crazy full of sand yeah all these creative movements how’d you get so good so bad practicing every day practicing every day single day and if I have any advice for you guys that’s all I can give you practice every single day that is real advice right there consistency there’s no trick there’s no special supplement no magic oh yeah no shortcuts the only way to do it it’s consistency and hard work and of course that sweat so let’s get something there handstand kick-ups eight times [Music] [Music] you [Music] there we go what’s next in our list straight bar gift let’s go for it whoo all right ten times [Music] [Music] all right excellent she’s tough that’s true so the next move we have is around the world [Music] ready for it let’s do it [Music] [Music] [Music] all right on to the next one so now we have waited district squats so in the workout it says pistol squats but me and Lindsey we’re gonna go to the next level put some weight in five each leg let’s do it you [Music] all right next one last one weighted dips let’s go for it tell me something where’s he do you normally train like this what’s your typical on training I usually start out with some lifting so I like to focus on the big three component and then I learn some calisthenics afterwards like accessory in good some days I’ll just do a complete bodyweight workout and train skills that I’m working toward wow that’s like exactly what we do here at the X we do some days counselor to wait some days lifting head in with calcite some days just calcite yeah good I like to incorporate a mixture of like parenting style workouts calisthenics yeah bodybuilding tech stuff gymnastics yeah I you know I don’t understand people that that they think like only one way is the best way man the best having the best of everything literally will get me the first and I like I like to focus on training for strength as opposed to training to look a certain way that’s yeah kind of what I’m about is that in the training it looks completely different actually yeah when you change your swing it’s a lot harder in this training to look good all right [Music] all right guys there you have it now that’s a killer whole body workout so we got two more rounds left and I won’t get to go but that was an amazing workout experience trying to keep up with its badass chick right here Lindsay thank you so much guys if you like this video don’t forget to Like comment share and of course subscribe definitely check out Lindsay on Instagram and she’s coming out with her new YouTube channel so look out for that don’t forget guys la right around the corner we’re going to be there January 2nd all the way to the 10th la workshops and at the Fed Ex book the app 10 X F for iTunes and for Android it’s coming out this month I’m so excited get ready for that guys if you want to support thin X and if you like the music on here don’t forget to go and check this out at slash Bennett the link is in the description below there you’ll find all our music plus a whole bunch of more content anyway thank you guys so much for watching see you next piece [Music] [Music] you [Music]


  1. Does he take steroids? If she doesn't that means it took her a long ass time to get those muscles! It is harder for females to get those kind of muscles compared to male since males have 15 times more testosterone levels then female does

  2. Great video. Nice work on the app as well. I like the music you put on there. Good for strength training, steady state cardio, boxing, flipping the tire, mowing the lawn and more.

  3. you guys have a habit of looking forward, even a little up, when doing deadlifts. but at the bottom of the lift, your torso is leaned forward, so if you look horizontal with gravity, your spine at the neck level is actually bent (backward). your eyes/head should be angled downward at the bottom of the lift. imagine a dowel/stick is on your spine, extending to your head. the back of your head should be on that stick. (not the top.)

    figured i'd chime in, since you already taught me the right way to planch and one-arm-pull-up. (not that i can, yet, but hey.)

  4. Lindsay, you have my admiration ! That's how a fit woman should look, perfect muscle tone, yet still feminine and graceful.

  5. No I don't think I am strong. To be honest I am the weakest in class (we tested it). It feels like I have no muscles, especialy in the arms… BUUUUUT I AM WORKING ON IT!!!

  6. A lot of stuff in the video is an illusion. She does something, gets filmed and rests, then does more then rests. Are the weights real? She is fit, but the strength isn't there. What is her age? She looks 15. OK, I don't know it, but I merely suspect that someone filmed it who knows how to create an illusion. Like workout videos, they aren't all 'real.'

    OK, I think the video gives the impression that Mr. Tattoo neck trained her within a short period of time. More likely, she studied gymnastics, paid for by rich parents, since she was 2. If she is 15, then that would be 13 years of experience.

  7. Awesome! I was wondering why you guys hold your left and right hand differently (right hand with the palm facing down and the left with the palm facing up) during the deadlift?

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