This 4-Minute Workout Is All You Need To Get Fit

– Welcome to Street Workouts. We’re here on the street, and we’re going to work out. According to science, if
you work out really hard for just a short period of time, that’s just as good as kinda working out for a long period of time. If you’ve got five minutes here
are five full-body exercises that we’re going to do on the street. Let’s try it out. Do you have any New Year’s resolutions? – I definitely want to work out. – Eat healthier, work out more. – Eat healthy? Work out more? – Party harder. – Party harder? All right. Four minutes on the clock. Are you ready? – Yeah!
– Yeah! Three, two, one. OK, we’re going to start with ten push-ups. Super easy, make two little V’s, and go all the way down, come back up, count them off. One! Two! – Three. – Four! Remember if you don’t have
great upper body strength, you can do push-ups from your knees. That’s cool too. It just lowers the weight. Nine and ten. OK, now we’re going to
keep that heart rate up. You’re going to finish
out that first minute with jumping jacks. Keep that heart rate up,
keep that body moving. – [Cameraman] How do you feel right now? – Exhausted. – Tired already. – I failed my P.E. test. – I’m usually the type of
guy to go for half-hour jogs with my wife. Now, I read about
high-intensity interval training and I figured I’d make a video about it. OK. Nope, fifteen more
seconds of jumping jacks. Did you come dressed
appropriately to work out? – You know, my ripped jeans are faring pretty well, actually. – You feel that? You feel the energy? You guys feeling it?
– Yes. One minute down. Let’s do this! Up next, spider lunges. The way these work is
you’re going to start in a plank position,
then just like a spider, put one leg up, then jump back, then you gotta switch. Left leg! Right leg! All right? We’re going to do ten of those. One, two… I’m a spider. Yeah, that’s it. Get
those legs all the way up. Five, six. This works out your shoulders ’cause you gotta keep your arms steady, and it works out your whole lower body. – Oh my God. – Nine, ten. OK. Guess what? More jumping jacks.
– OK. – Keep that heart rate up. Fitness, fitness, fitness. Wait, that’s Jingle Bell Rock. So whenever you’re not moving, whenever you’re not counting to ten, you’re going to round it
out with some jumping jacks. – I’m regretting this. – You got some sweat stains right there. – Do I? Oh, I was [inaudible] my shirt. – You ladies are working hard. I’m the instructor, though,
so I get to sit down. These people were on
the way to see a movie. Now they’re working out on the street. And, two minutes! Two minutes is up. Now it’s time for the third exercise. Next is ten jumping lunges. You’re going to do a standard
lunge, dipping your knee down. Don’t let your knee go
in front of your toe, and then, boom! jump up, switch legs. Ten of those. Ready? One! Two! Three, four. Keep up now, five. – Oh, geez. – Eight, nine, ten. OK. And jumping jacks.
– OK. – We got thirty more seconds. OK. You’ve only been
working out for two minutes! Two minutes! Can you believe that? I’ve stayed on the toilet
for longer than two minutes. – Once you start doing
push-ups, I was like, “Oh no, I don’t think I can do this [inaudible]” but then, I got into it and now I’m on a body high, I guess. – Oh my God. – Well, do you think you
would do this at home? – Yeah, definitely. This is
a lot of fun. It was quick, short, but really high intensity. It gave you what you needed, a good boost. – Three minutes up! Time to
move on to the last exercise. All right, you start up, you go down, then you walk your hands out all the way to a plank position, then
walk yourself back up. One! All right, that’s just one. OK. Ten more. Getting a little tired. Use your arms, your
legs, your core muscles. Dig deep, dig deep. Four minutes is almost up. Seven. Three more. You guys are slowing down on me. You got this. How do you feel? – Exhausted. – Clearly out of shape. – It could be worse. – I feel healthier already.
Time to start doing this more. – You don’t have to go
to the gym to do this, you can do this literally on the street. You got this…and ten! Street Workout! (all cheering) That took four minutes. Now
for a twenty-minute workout, you do that five more times. Nothing should hold you back. If you want to be healthy, you can do it. Street! – Fitness! – Workout, it’s Street Workout.

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