This Average Guy Learns the Muscle-Up in 35 days

Hi, I am Geek Climber. Last year I saw the video of the professional
rock climber, Magnus Midtbo, doing a one-arm muscle-up, and my reaction was “Wow, that’s
crazy. A conventional two-arm muscle-up even seems
impossible to me.” Fast forward to today, I feel my body is ready
to take on this challenge, and starting from today, I will attempt to do
the muscle-up every other day until I can do 3 in a row. For the first day, I decided to just try it
out and see how it felt like. I know, it looks as if I was just doing pull-ups,
but, yeah, I was actually attempting muscle-ups. I decided to search for “how to muscle up”
on YouTube and go through as many of them as possible. The first mistake I discovered is my thumbs
were on the top of the bar instead of wrapping around the bar because I was so used to gripping
climbing holds without my thumbs. So I went on and tried the muscle-up by wrapping
my thumbs around the bar. It felt better but I still couldn’t get
up. I thought to myself that maybe it was because
I never consciously tried to rotate my wrists to make the transition. So I went on and attempted to force the transition. Needless to say, it didn’t work, either. After a few days, I got a suggestion from
my friend, Ted, to try the muscle-up with a band to get familiar with the entire movement. After a few tries, I was able to get my first
band-assisted muscle-up, but once I took off the band, I still couldn’t get it. Again, I went back through the tutorials about
how to muscle up, and one of the tips that caught my attention was engaging the chest. So I went to the gym and tried the muscle-
up by engaging my chest, and I was able to muscle up without the band for the first time! I checked the replay and realized I was unconsciously
doing the infamous chicken wing muscle-up, meaning going up with one arm first then the
other, instead of both arms at the same time, sooo… it didn’t count. For the next few days, I consciously tried
to make sure my arms pulled equally. I was able to pull myself up to the point
that the bar hit my upper abs, but I could never find a moment to turn both of my wrists
at the same time. I tried and tried and tried. I got to a point that I tried so hard that
my muscles were too sore to attempt the muscle-up every other day. I had to speed up muscle recovery by stretching,
drinking a lot of water, eating a lot of protein, and foam rolling every day in order to get
back on schedule to attempt the muscle-up every other day. But after trying and trying and trying, I
still couldn’t get it. At this point, I doubted myself, despite all
the effort I put in, maybe it was not a technique problem; maybe I was just not strong enough;
maybe I just don’t have enough pull power. But how could that be? I had been doing a pull-dominant sport rock
climbing for many many years and I could do 10 pull-ups in a row without a problem. Or maybe it was a push power problem? I knew my push power was relatively weak,
but I had never had a problem pushing up the bar when I did the muscle-up with the band. (Sigh) Maybe I should just give up because
my body was simply not ready. For some reason, Mike Boyd’s muscle-up video
showed up on my recommendations again. His video is about an average guy like himself
learning the muscle-up. I watched it on day 1, but I didn’t felt
much then. I re-watched it again and I felt so inspired. I came to understand the struggle. I thought to myself, if Mike can do it, then
I should be able to do it, too. I analyzed his muscle-up attempt frame by
frame and compared it with mine side by side, and then I realized he was kipping his knees
pretty hard whereas my lower body was just loosely hanging. I thought to myself, maybe that is what I
missed. I went back to the gym, and this happened. Oh, there you go! Take a break. Come on, come on, come on. Ahh. Thanks, man. I was not used to muscling up directly after
coming down from the previous attempt, but after a few more days of practices, today is the day, guys. Dude. One, two, three. Ahh. Yes! Yes! Three, man, three straight. Oh, I am so excited. Yes. That’s the best feeling ever, to get
that move that you’ve been doing. Yea! Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoy the video. Last year I started my journey of training
with a 30-day hangboard challenge. This year I set four goals for myself. The first one is climbing a grade higher,
which I did earlier this year. The second one is the muscle-up, which is
this video. The third and fourth one are-. Actually, hit that subscribe button and turn
on the notification bell and so you can find out as soon as I achieve them. See you in the next video.

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