Three “V-Taper” Back Workout Tips – How to Get Wide Lats

Three V-Taper Back Workout Tips –How to Get
Wide Lats Although a bigger, wider back is the goal,
sometimes, a bigger, taller weight stack is not the answer. What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, The key to the video, how to get a bigger,
wider, V-tapered back. Now, I mentioned in the intro, we have to
resist the urge to always go for a bigger, taller, weight stack meaning loading up the
weight. Because, as you see, there is different goals
for different exercises. Some exercises, our goal should be to simply
move weight, where in other exercises we really should be looking to contract the muscle that
we are working. There’s a big reason why, especially with
the back; because with the back, what we have is a situation of out-of-sight/out-of-mind. You can’t see it. You don’t really have that much of a conscious
effort that you put into it. Yeah, you’re pulling hard, and the tendency
is to do a lot more of that moving away-type exercise than there is to put that conscious
contraction. So, what I recommend, my best tip, if you
are trying to build a wide, V-taper, is that you better activate the lats. You had better develop the lats through their
full range-of-motion in order to do that. So, how do we do it? A couple of different ways. First of all, we have to get a wide set up. If you’re doing pull-ups, that means a wide
grip. If you are doing some kind of a cable set-up
here, then get these cables out wide. As you can see, I don’t necessarily like the
bar as much. I like the individual cable handles because
it allows me to do that. Why is that? Because it gives us a little bit of a better
angle of pull for the lats. Alright. The lats are going to run in this direction,
just like that. And, ironically, they are going to attach
all the way, the only muscle group that actually connect the upper body and the lower body
here; where we are going to have it attach to our arm, the back of our humerus here,
and all the way into, really, the top of our iliac crest, our hips because of the fascia
that connects through the back in the lumbar spine. So, it is that big of a muscle and we want
to make sure that we take it through its full range. So the first we want to do is get those handles
out wide so that our arms are in like a “v” position to actually help to get that V-taper. Now, when they come down, we want to pull
so that the elbows come in close to the body, in tight. Up and out all the way so that we get a stretch,
and then in and down and tight. Now, here are the two tips: We are going to
turn our hands this way. Ok. Turn them out. Turning them out is actually causing internal
rotation up at the shoulder joint. The lats are going to help us internally rotate. So if you want to fully contract them, and
we are talking about actually contracting the lats here. That’s the key, guys for developing that shape. We want to turn our hands out. Now, same concept. Down, up wide, pull down, and squeeze. Up and out, down and squeeze. All the way out. Down. Squeeze. Ok. So now what’s the last tip? The last tip is: if we want to really enforce
what we are doing here, and we want to really work on contraction, yeah, you might have
to drop that weight down because we are not talking about generating momentum here for
lat pull-downs, We are talking about actually contracting. So, you are going to want to make sure you
do that and drop the weight. One technique you could use is what we call
one and one-half reps. That allows us to ensure that we have to slow
it down and also drop the weight. With one and one-half reps, as a matter of
fact, we are going to go up just a little bit. With one and one-half reps, basically, we
are going to come down, squeeze, up half way, back down and squeeze again, and then up and
full. Ok. Down, pull in, half way, back down, and then
up again. Now if you have not been doing these types
of exercises and really contracting your back deliberately, you will see a big difference
when you start to train this way. As a matter of fact, you are going to be humbled
a bit by how much you might have to cut the weight stack down to do this. But, the benefits of this combined with heavy
weight training — those exercises where you are just moving your weight around — is enormous. It’s what allows us to get more V-taper in
the back because we are actually conscious of contracting the muscle. So, guys, when you’re training, as we do in
AthleanX, you got to have a balance of both. Functionally, sometimes, we just want to move
weight; we want to have a purpose and be functional. Other times, we want to have a real deliberate
contraction so that what we are doing is purposeful, and we are actually engaging the muscle fully
through its full range-of-motion. And, in the case of getting the V-taper and
developing the lats fully, that’s where you want to be. Guys, for more concepts like this, and a training
program that takes it all and puts it all together for you, head over to
and join team Athlean! Grab the AthleanX training system. Guys, we will be back here next. More stuff! As a matter of fact, we might hit the mid-back
next week if you guys like this video. I’ll tell you some things that you can specifically
do for the rhomboids that might help you just as much. In the meantime, I’ll see you guys back here
in 7 days.

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  1. What you said about the lats is not true. They are not the only muscle that connects the upper body to the lower body. The abs also attach to both.

  2. Terrific intelligent advice as always. I recommend your videos and course to all my mates taking up weight training.

    Several people have asked in the comments below how to do this at home with resistance bands. Here's how I improvise it at home.  I use resistance bands, in fact several bands used together,  to get the required resistance. 
    It's working great for me. I hook the bands to the top of a door ( see below on how) but you can use any secure high anchor point.

    I angle my body ( on one knee or both knees) to be in line with the line of force of the bands (say 45 degrees), then I pull in that line of resistance, it makes it equivalent to doing a Lat Pull Down in line with the body.  I exercise each side separately and find the 1 1/2 rep method Jeff mentions to work well with this. It also makes squeezing out a few eccentric (negs) reps at the end of a set easy as I can use the other arm to assist getting in the initial position for each rep.

    I hook the bands to the top of a closed door. Many bands come with a loop for doing this , its like a thin strap with a loop at one end and a big knot or rubber bung at the other which anchors the loop behind the door once you shut it. You could improvise this loop with some strong webbing ( say off an old backpack or bag strap) and put a large secure knot at one end or  pass the loop through a strong rubber, wooden or plastic ring , anything that will secure it well but not mark the door.  Test it well before using it, make sure it's secure. It's safest to do the exercise on the outer side of the door  so as to avoid using merely the door lock to hold the door shut. Also, if you can, lock the door to avoid anyone accidentally opening it while working out (ouch! 🙂 ) . This loop used in various postions on a door is very useful for doing a huge range of exercises (.e.g triceps pushdown, flys, curls, 1 arm presses etc etc),. Best of luck with it.

  3. What is the point in internally rotating? To get the muscle as short as you can? Is that right? Because you can get a far greater shortening from the lat pull over machine because your elbows will come past your back whereas in your exercise they are body blocked by your tricep. Not only that internally rotating on the pullover machine is easy because the bicep and tricep and not engaged at all. And again the lat pull over machine gives you an equal amount of resistance throughout the entire range of motion which helps you get a good stretch

  4. Can this exercise be done by a beginners ?? Actually I am into training from 1 year but my lats are not built at all because I am not able to activate my lats on the wide-grip lat-pull machine. So can this be done by me or is it too advanced for me as of now?

  5. Most guys in my gym will just yank that wide-grip pulldown machine, lean their back out at least 45 degrees. Why do they do that, to impress chicks?

  6. Love all of the videos, but got tendonitis in the elbow after doing that reverse grip position. Must have been due to too much weight…

  7. Great stuff! I've been in the gym for 40 years and thought I knew all of it. These methods and exercises will give me more variation.

  8. I'm glad there are so many videos in this channel which span over a few years now. It's always great to learn something new even if it's such a small change.

  9. it's always best you use the heaviest weight possible that still allows you to complete the exercise with perfect form for the desired amount of reps

  10. This cable movement is great for those who have a machine. For those who don't resistance bands will provide greater resistance at the contracted position but less in the stretched position. To solve this issue, I used to do sets of 15-20 band lat contractions with 3-4 second pause supersetted with bodyweight wide bar hangs for time to near failure as a back width finisher. Better contraction, better stretch. All ya need after that is eat big and sleep long!

  11. I'm finding new and useful fitness tips from you on almost every video you put out. That's awesome & it makes you my new fitness guru. So keep up the good work brotha.

  12. Set up beginner, intermediate and advanced. Feels like sometimes it takes forever to get to the money shots.

  13. Best Natural body builder around…. This guy is proof you don't need juice to get shredded….just plain hard work

  14. Hey Jeff, I don't know if you'll respond or not but why not give it a shot. Whenever I work my back while doing the lat pulldown I always feel it in my elbows rather than my lats. I don't think it's caused by me not doing the exercise right because I drop the weight tremendously so I can try and get the contraction but I still get elbow pain. I don't know what's caused this but it's aggravating because I want to have a bigger wider back

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  16. Athlean x you're super your workout videos are super and easy explain very helpful for beginner's very helpful thank you so much for sharing 💪

  17. Much appreciated for the update on the contraction instead of gaining momentum through the process. Can't wait to try this out! You'll get paid if I make it to the top.

  18. Your workouts are the best I'm a skinny dude and for the first time I'm seeing results. Not getting the fullest cause of Lack of equipment and I'm really weak. Wish u could train me personally and make a man out of me. Not gonna stop tho

  19. I watched this video when I was in 7th grade, and I’ve been looking for ever since. I’ve been doing the exercise for a long time, im just glad I found it so I could it right. genius!

  20. can you do a video how to get wider lower lats. it will be very benificial to everyone I think.

    Thank you

  21. Jeff, I am 60 years old and in the best shape of my life thanks to you! I can't believe all of the valuable information that you provide to us. You are my only source now for any fitness and nutritional information. You changed everything and I am hooked on your videos. Forever indebted, Mike, Albany NY

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