Tiger Balm Corporate Video

Are you all right? My leg hurts. Come on, let’s head back to the lodge. It’s a slight sprain. So can I ski tomorrow? We’ll see. What’s that, Mommy? Tiger Balm. Something your granny used to apply on me when I got hurt. And make the pain go away? Yes, it does. It’s been doing so for generations. And it’s got quite an interesting story. What Story? It begins with a tiger and a leopard… Cool! A long time ago…a young herbalist named Aw Chu Kin, left China to seek his fortune. He had a formula for a balm that was so effective and reliable that even the ancient Emperors of China used it. He soon opened a medical hall in Rangoon called the ‘Hall of Everlasting Peace’. When Aw Chu Kin passed away in 1908, he left his formulation to his sons – Boon Par, or gentle leopard, and Boon Haw, gentle tiger. Boon Haw was the key to the successful expansion of this balm. First he gave the balm a striking brand name, Tiger Balm. He wanted to expand the Tiger Balm brand and moved its head-quarters to Singapore. Boon Haw was a constant showman in his tiger car and a marketing genius. The business grew at an encouraging rate in this region. Tiger Balm was becoming a known and trusted household brand in many parts of Asia. When the brothers passed, the legacy continued with banker Wee Cho Yaw who took control of the Tiger Balm brand name in 1981. It was the much-needed boost for Tiger Balm to really grow and go international. Under a single, strong leadership, the new team has a vision: ‘a Tiger Balm jar in every household ’. Beyond the ubiquitous jar, the Tiger Balm brand now includes a comprehensive range of innovative products from muscle rubs to pain-relieving patches. From an Asian brand, Tiger Balm has become a global one in demand in more than 100 countries around the world, from some of the northern most cities in Norway to as far south as the South Island of New Zealand.
It is now fully accredited by the world’s major health and drug administration authorities. And yet, there is always something extra about Tiger Balm that eludes scientific analysis… the fact that people like it, trust it, and the little truth that it simply works wherever it hurts. How does your leg feel? The pain is gone. This really is a special jar. You keep it. And so the legend continues. The legend continues with our classic range. It consists of our tried-and-tested favourites whose efficacy has transcended age and time. Our Balance range restores holistic balance to a fast-paced modern lifestyle. Our Active range caters to individuals who are health conscious and constantly engaged in some form of physical exercise. Our Junior range provides comforting protection for your little ones.

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