Chicago White Sox star Tim Anderson was expelled from wednesday 7-3 win against San Francisco Giants after claiming it was released fast by Logan Webb.

Trailing 1-2 in the third inning, Anderson was in the batter’s box but didn’t settle into his stance when Webb began his delivery with 11 seconds remaining on the shot clock.

Anderson came out and was already walking toward the home dugout when Webb threw strike three up the middle. Home plate umpire DJ Reyburn called Anderson for strikes, and Anderson then turned to Reyburn to argue.

“He says he wasn’t alert yet, he hadn’t set his eyes on the pitcher and he just came out,” Chicago manager Pedro Grifol said. “He probably could have called timeout or whatever, but it didn’t happen. And then when he came on the bench, it’s that passion that he has, that passion and fight for the game. I don’t have a problem with that.” .”

Anderson pointed to his eyes several times, then yelled several profanities from the sidelines. He was expelled as a partner Louis Roberto Jr.. he was called to strike.

“He wasn’t trying to pitch it quickly, but I guess he took it that way,” Webb told reporters, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. “He yelled at me off the bench for five pitches in a row. You can probably see what I said, then he was yelling at me.

“I don’t necessarily think he should have been sent off. I think he was talking to me, he wasn’t talking to the ref.”

Anderson was not available to reporters after the game. The ejection was Anderson’s first this season and the eighth of his career.

Baseball instituted new rules this season designed to speed up play, including a shot clock, and players are adapting.

“There’s still a learning curve,” Chicago said. Gavin Sheets saying. “I think Tim sensed the pitcher wasn’t looking at him, so he came out. Obviously, with this watch, you have to be on high alert at all times.”

Associated Press contributed to this report.

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