Tim Mustion’s Sober Sundays

In August of 2013 I started using Oxycontin. In September of 2013 I started using heroin. The beginning of 2014 is when I went to my first treatment center. Then form 2014 to 2015 I went to four others, until I went to my last one in 2015. I started going to CrossFit in 2016, two weeks before the Open. I was smoking two packs of cigarettes. And then in 2017 I came in 33rd place in the Southeast. I started coaching at CrossFit and it
started becoming my life. And then over the course of the next year, I did a little bit better in the Open. Got 9th place overall in the Southeast. Now I’ll be going as an Individual this year, 2018. My name is Tim Mustion. We are in Boca Raton, Florida. We are at CrossFit Hype. This morning, we had our Sober Sundays class which is part of our Temperance Training. A non-profit organization. Everybody in here is in recovery themselves. We have six classes a week, Monday through Friday, and Sunday. The first class we had–our first Sober Sunday class was in April of 2017. Now we’re in May of 2018 and we have 50+ people coming every Sunday. And 20+ people coming every day,
Monday through Friday. I decided to put as much time and effort as I did into chasing drugs and alcohol, as I do into getting sober and competing at CrossFit. I will say, the stuff that we do in here… it’s brutal and most people would never think of putting themselves through this much pain. Coming off heroin is worse than anything you will ever experience in your life. It feels like your bones are breaking and your body is being torn open. I’ve been through that enough times that this really isn’t that bad. I’m not doing it for just myself. I’m doing it for everybody who walks in here for Temperance Training, whether it’s Monday through Friday or on Sundays. I want to give them a little inspiration, a little fire. That they know that they can go out and do anything they want.

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  1. I lost my son Ronnie Dec. 2014 to alcohol and herion. Ronnie was my son, my running buddy, my best friend. He overdosed in his bedroom one night after his crossfit class. Please join me and others for our 5th annual Ronnie's Run at Ft. Desoto Park on Oct. 12th 2019. You can read more at www.ronniesrun.com ..We are bring awareness and RESOURSES to those that struggle with addiction. #run4ronnie

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