Time to Compete: 2016 Team Series

Hey guys. Rory here in the studio. Got some good news. Looks like you guys got a little case of the post-Games depression, but the CrossFit Games competition season doesn’t end with the CrossFit Games. While the Games are in the offseason, CrossFit will again host the Team Series. Here’s how it works. The first set of workouts will be released on September 6, and the second on October 4. You’ll have from the Tuesday of the release until Monday at 5 p.m. to submit your scores. Now it’s a little bit different from the Open. Check this out. Any two men and any two women can make a team. You don’t have to train in the same affiliate, and you don’t even have to live in the same state or country. The only thing you do have to do is complete the workouts together as a team. Teams will be able to choose between RX’d and scaled. Now don’t worry, doing one scaled version of a workout will not preclude you from doing the next one as RX’d. Just like the CrossFit Games Open, teams can choose to perform the workouts in front of a judge, or they can film their workouts and provide a video link to that effort. Teenagers 14-17 and Masters 40 and over will be included as well. Here’s your to-do list, guys: Find three teammates. Go to the Games website between August 16 and September 12, and sign up your team. Once your team is signed up, everyone needs to accept their invitation, and then, it’s just time to compete. Look, the Open’s great, the regionals and the Games are fun to watch, but this was the highlight of last year’s season for me. I encourage you guys to find some friends, sign up, and throw your hat in the ring.

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  1. Does anyone know where I can watch the 2016 crossfit games individual events?? Why isn't it on the games site yet or YouTube ???

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