Tips for Using a Stair Master : How to Start & Stop a Stair Master

Hi my name is Sheila Lindsey and I’m going
to show you how to use a stair master on behalf of Expert Village. Alright so what your going
to do to get started is just step on the machine and it’s okay if it starts to sink not a problem.
You can either press any of the workouts the quick starts usually my favorite and then
you just start stepping. Now for every machine is different so you just have to take the
first couple of seconds to see whether you want to increase your levels, which will increase
the intensity. Usually meaning the speed but you can also decrease as well for this machine
you can press different numbers to figure out how many calories you’ve burn, how fast
your going, how many flights of stairs you’ve done, as well as the distance that you gone.
Press stop when your done and just letting it sink to the bottom, carefully step off
making sure you don’t trip on anything and that’s it.

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