– Well.
– Look at us! – That was a lotta fun wasn’t it? – Man!
– First Rounds. Got a bit of a circuit
there, goblet squats. (upbeat music) Good morning world, 28th October 2019, Monday. Third week of training
here at Fitness Street. Soi Taied, Phuket, Thailand. Starting at Titan Fitness. (camera clicks) We’re starting like an hour from now. And just woke up here at the new resort that
we’re staying in for a week, Cocoville. This is the view of the resort. There’s RobynWhale.com. There’s our little cat. Yeah, so let’s go. (upbeat music) – Good morning guys! We’re at Titan Fitness, first week. – [Brad] Day one – It’s day one, I need coffee. – [Brad] Yeah. – Like I’m so stiff.
– Let’s get coffee. – I’m so stiff from the last week but you can see the schedule, I’m looking at the schedule. – [Brad] Well it’s like a – I’ve just been planning
like what are we gonna do? – It’s like a candy store right here! – It totally is, but like mentally I have
to like have my coffee. – Yeah – To get through this.
– Yeah it’s 8:30 – 8:30 in the morning and
we’re planning our week. – And basically we’ve just
come from the main building which is like the gym, this massive gym in the reception area, looks really cool, and they have nutrition course
which we’ll show you later. But now we’re walking over to the – The kitchen.
– Yeah. – Their little kitchen. – Yeah where they make
their lovely healthy food, healthy food and coffee. – All right let’s go get some coffee. Having breakfast here at Titan Fitness, it’s Monday morning at 8:45. Robyn’s got some oatmeal. – I’m making him breakfast. Fruit salad today. It’s gonna be a good one guys. – It’s looking good so far. – Super healthy.
– What about the oats mate? – No that’s it, it’s coming. – What’s next, yoghurt? – With honey. – Yes. You guys gotta find a girl like this. Seriously if you just
go to Siquijor Island in the Philippines (Robyn laughs) and just hang out by the swings, you might find on like her, that’s where I found her! Thanks Robs. You’re a legend. Cheers mate. Hi guys, nine o’clock in the morning. Monday, day one, Titan Fitness slash part of our Fitness
Street series here. We’re just sitting here
with our class schedule figuring out what we’re doing for the week here at Titan Fitness. Robs has the schedule here. That’s what we’re looking at doing. Everything that has the box around it. So Body360, nutrition seminar, I’ll go through it real quick, strength and technique, spin core and yeah the Buddha run, and other bits and pieces here which I’ll explain in more
detail throughout the week. All right my friends, just past nine o’clock
in the morning Monday, I’m at Titan Fitness, as part of our little
fitness camp adventure here in Phuket, Thailand. Really excited to kick off
the week at Titan Fitness, we’ll be training here for a week. The next five or six or so videos, the day-in-the-life videos
that we’re shooting here in Phuket, Thailand will be at Titan Fitness. And you know it’s really exciting for me because I love training
in this environment, and you would have seen all
the previous kind of videos of like the Muay Thai and kickboxing, you know the strength and conditioning from other gyms and camps in
and around Fitness Street. Titan Fitness is a place that I have known about
for a couple of years, but never actually trained here. So I wanna show everyone different options that are on and around Fitness Street, or Soi Taied, Phuket, Thailand. So if you wanna know more about them just check them out on their site. They’ve got their own actual programme, their own class schedule, and day by day we’re just gonna go and do things off the fitness menu, off the class schedule. Bring you along, we’ll give you some
highlights and show you what these classes are like, to give you the right
expectation so when you arrive you know what it’s all about before you even start the class. And I’m really excited
guys I’m really pumped, we just had our breakfast this morning here at Titan Fitness, just like a little fruit
bowl with some coffee. So can’t wait to bring you
along it’s gonna be super fun. Day-in-the-life series, we’ll try and interview
a couple of people here, so you get different perspectives, and just real quick I’ll
throw the map up on the screen of where Titan Fitness is in
relation to Fitness Street. It’s literally like a
side-street off Fitness Street. But where I am right now is you’ve got the breakfast area just there, you’ve got Muay Thai
training centre there, T&Y I trained there last year. Amazing. They just do Muay Thai in there. And then they’ve got CMT, which was Chok Chai last year, if you saw those videos from last year, I did Muay Thai training in there as well. But I understand people
that wanna come to Thailand for fitness and training, are not always interested in
doing martial arts at all, even though I do Muay Thai for fitness, not to fight ’cause I’m not a fighter. This is another type of
fitness that you could do here, the boot-camp style training
that they offer here at Titan Fitness. Outdoor obstacle course right here. Anyway I’m talking too much, but I’ll give you a proper
tour of this place later, I’ll show you the food
and all that sort of stuff throughout the week. Stick around guys it’s super fun. I just started the Body360
class at Titan Fitness, Monday morning. How you feeling Robs? – Hi guys, I’m just stretching it out. Sore lower back but you know, you just gotta get the body moving. – Yeah. I feel really tired and stiff too. – Yeah once we get moving we’re okay. This is our first class here. – Monday morning.
– Body 360 – Yeah. (upbeat music) ♪ Go beast on her. ♪ ♪ Go Deeper, OD on her. ♪ ♪ Apply pressure, put heat on her. ♪ ♪ Five zero zero degrees on her. ♪ ♪ Five hundred degrees. ♪ – Look at us! – That was a lot of fun wasn’t it? – Man!
– First round. – Got a bit of a circuit there, goblet squats, bit of the battle rope, bit of plank touch, bit of box jumps, what else did we do? Little circuit, really nice on a Monday morning. – Yeah it’s worked out. – It was amazing guys. – To start the day, you know? – This is the circuit right there look. Right here. Woo! (laughs) (upbeat music) ♪ Going up elevate. ♪ ♪ Watch me demonstrate. ♪ ♪ On time, never late. ♪ ♪ I grind, celebrate. ♪ ♪ No pump fake hesitate. ♪ ♪ I’ve been scoring everyday. ♪ ♪ Champagne Perrier. ♪ ♪ Since 93 been in the box. ♪ ♪ Now step in the zone. ♪ – Hello my friends, Monday morning 11:00 am 28th October. Just finished the first Body360
class here at Titan Fitness. Our first training session
here done and dusted, we’ll try and get the
group photo into the video, gotta chase it up. There were 25 people in the class, all ranges of fitness. Just awesome fun. This one over here, the little machine that she is. – Man, that was so good guys! – Yeah. – Really fun class.
– Yeah. Yeah everyone just had a blast here. And we’re just chilling out, I dunno the kitchen’s over there. (man shouts) I don’t know what we’re doing now. Just gonna chill out for a bit. – All right we’re off to Mama’s Cafe, we haven’t been there before, it’s off Fitness Street. Gonna take you with us, I think the menu’s quite
amazing from what I hear. We just finished our first
class at Titan Fitness, and hope you enjoyed the highlights. Come along and join us for a midday snack before we do the nutrition class with Titan Fitness this afternoon at one o’clock I think it is. Okay here we are Mama’s Cafe, Mama’s Restaurant. There’s the sign for it, side street Fitness Street. Here’s the host, Miss Whale. – Come this way. – Check this out guys, we’re at Mama’s Restaurant. The lifestyle breakfast here. How good is it Robs? – I’m so happy right now that I don’t know what to do with myself. – It’s Albert’s recommendation. (laughter) – [Brad] Thanks mate! – It’s so good!
– Sorry what’s your name? – [Brad] Albert. – Albert.
– I’m Robyn. – Robyn?
– Yes – He’s from the UK as well, he’s told us to get the
lifestlye breakfast, and here we are. Living the lifestyle, hey. How good is it? Eggs, baked beans, toast. I’ve got my bioled eggs, baked beans, fruit, coffee, peanut butter. It’s just the perfect combination
for a fitness vacation, right?
– Yeah. – Couldn’t ask for much better. – Can’t talk, gotta eat. – Yeah go on, shove it down. Shove it in there.
– So hungry. – You gotta shove it right in there. – Mm-hmm. – All right we just finished
at Mama’s Restaurant here just off Fitness Street. It is almost one o’clock in the afternoon. We’re gonna scoot back to Titan Fitness, there’s a nutrition seminar on. (Robyn laughs) Yeah which one are we gonna ride today? Which one? This one here. (Robyn laughs) That one there looks pretty rad. – I mean sometimes it is quite difficult to like figure out
which one that yours is. – Yeah some do look the same. No we got this little one here. We’ve hired this for
800 bahts for the week. We’ll talk about scooter
hire in a separate video, not today. – We’re not sick of each other yet. She gets cranky with me after
eight o’clock at night though. – When I get tired – Yeah she doesn’t talk to me at all – That’s your side of the bed – Yeah mate don’t touch me. All right so Titan Fitness, we’ve just come from there, the gym there, and we’re just rolling up into this really cool cafe on Fitness Street. I’ve only been here once
maybe twelve months ago. So they’ve got like coffee,
tea, healthy smoothies, protein shakes, hummus, oh look they’ve got falafels. Anyway. Oh by the way, Tony’s Restaurant it right
there, through those trees. See previous videos, amazing place on Fitness Street. Let’s go inside, lets go inside. We’ll show everyone. Oh no don’t start. – Dark chocolate
– Don’t start – peanut butter with cacao. Look the white chocolate’s
obviously very popular. (Brad Laughs) – Look at this. Is it an oatmeal cookie? What is it? – No it’s cashew.
– Ah cashew. – Cashew nut cookie. – Cashew nut cookie.
– Yeah. – And two Americanos. We’re at Munchee Cafe, Fitness Street. With our Americanos with milk, how much were these, 50 baht each? – Yeah. – $2.50 (Robyn laughs) we’re in the upstairs area, guys this is really nice this place, I mean you get full views. There’s nobody here except us. We have this whole balcony to ourselves. And Titan Fitness is just down there, literally a five second walk. (upbeat music) (camera clicks) Hey everybody, I’m inside the supplements
store here on Fitness Street. I’ll just show you very very very quickly, I just bought Ultimate Nutrition five pounds plus a free pound tub for 1700 baht. Works out to be about
eight dollars cheaper than buying the same brand,
same size in Australia. Another one here they’ve
got Dymatize here. Same price, same brand, same size. Back home is about 10 dollars
more expensive, right? Than here. Optimal Nutrition whey protein, which you might be familiar with, which is actually more expensive
here compared to back home. So when you come through here just do the currency conversions and you’ll save some money, so yeah. All right my friends it is
ten to four in the afternoon, Monday 28th October. Just left the supplement
store here on Fitness Street. You can find the
supplement store literally at the very beginning of the street, this is the beginning of the street or the end of the street
on Fitness Street. I’m not gonna bore you too much with it but I know if you’re here
training on the street, I mean it’s important
to keep your protein up, keep your protein intake high. If you’re doing all this strength training and Muay Thai kickboxing, you know you’re calorie-reduced, or you’ve restricted your calories, it’s pretty important to just make sure you’re getting enough
protein every day, right? Otherwise you’ll just
lose a bunch of muscle. Not gonna bore you too much with that as you might not be interested, and that’s okay I might
do a separate video on it. But yeah I encourage you to find out how much you are paying for the same supplements back home, and if you can get it
cheaper from that store, maybe it’s best to buy
your supplements there, rather than bringing them from home. But I’m gonna go to a couple
of other supplement stores and bring you along with me, so yeah. I’m not gonna go on too much about it ’cause its not for everyone. But you’re watching these videos because you’re interested
in the fitness camps and I think that this is part of it, so it’s part of the
fitness journey, you know? Anyway, see you soon. I have a little gift for Robsy Bobsy. It’s in my backpack, you ready for it? She’s here in Cocoville
without me by the way. – Guys I was really hungry, and so I snacked on a pancake (mumbles) – Okay ready for it? – What’s that? – This is protein powder. (Robyn gasps) – Awesome! – Yeah I know right? So we got some more protein powder – That’s awesome. – That’s not mine actually (laughs) – That’s mine. Brad broke his the other day. – Yeah I broke mine the other day. – He dropped it on the floor. Oh is that yours?
– Yeah. – So (laughs) girls, boys. Girls, boys, girls, boys. – Actually it’s girls,
guys, girls, guys, right? There’s a promotion on you know? – Thank you Brad! – And it literally cost 82
Australian dollars for all this – That’s so awesome. – Yep.
– Thank you so much. – Cheaper than back home. – That’s great
– Anyway They all know I told them before. – Hey guys what a boyfriend is he? – Yeah. – He’s amazing, this guy. – Yeah I buy the protein (laughs) and she drinks coconuts. – Would you like a coconut? – Yeah I love them. – Shall I get you one? – No it’s all right
I’m gonna eat the meat. – Someone’s hungry. – I am hungry. All right it is five
o’clock Monday afternoon, we’re just leaving out
resort here, Cocoville. Nice little resort I actually
stayed in two years ago, I’ll do a proper video of this later. I’ll show you very quickly
the little restaurant area as we walk through here. It’s literally a walk off Fitness Street. Very very very nice restaurant area. Friendly staff. – Thank you. – Bye bye. And yeah literally just
off Fitness Street. you can check this place
out for yourself online, but we’ll do a proper
video of this place later. We’ve actually got a massage
now booked in for 5:00 pm. At Wanissara, we always go there. It’s on Fitness Street of course. If you have a broken body like we both do, she has low back pain now. – Hello guys. – Don’t you? – It’s really sore. But it’s okay. These women normally
know what to do with it. – Yeah. – Let’s take it from
your secret last resort. – Yeah. – They normally do the trick. – And I’m stiff and tired. It’s 300 baht per hour. That’s about 15 Australian
dollars per hour for a massage. It’s crazy, anyway. And then yeah then we’re gonna have dinner at Titan Fitness’s health kitchen, it’s part of our package. We’ll show you what that’s all about if you’re looking at
training at Titan Fitness and you wanna get the
meal package as well, yeah we’ll show you tonight. Yeah that’s it guys, back on Fitness Street. Look at it, right there. Two weeks ago we stayed at
Muay Thai House just there. Really really nice, really nice place. The pool was quite amazing. There’s a pool at Cocoville as well. (motorcycle engines drown out speech) – Yeah. – There was nowhere near. – Oh you swam in there? – No I didn’t wanna without you. – Oh, isn’t she lovely? All right here we are, Wanissara. – All right guys it is
seven thirty at night, and we’re at Titan Fitness
we’re about to have dinner here, as part of the meal package here, training package here for a week. Food has just arrived, grilled salmon, veggies, potatoes, pesto, check this out, this looks absolutely
amazing check it out. This is exactly what we need. We did one training session
today we did Body360. So we didn’t do a full day of training but I still feel like I need this, and this gives you an idea
of what they serve here at Titan Fitness, and I’m very impressed. Robs? (laughter) Gotcha! – I’m sorry I’m just still recovering from that amazing massage I
had literally half an hour ago, and now I’ve just walked
into this amazing-ness. – Look at it. – I mean
– How good is it? – I just love the amount of vegetables they have on the plate. – Oh man. – My absolute favourite
thing in the world is salmon, so I’m really looking forward to this. I mean if you eat like this every day, especially if you do like
a three week programme, can you imagine how you’re gonna feel? And this is one of the recommendations. – Okay guys so I’m gonna end
off the vlog for the day, thanks so much for following along. Hope you’ve taken some value from this day-in-the-life series
here we’re shooting, and join us tomorrow
for more fun adventures in and around Fitness Street (laughs). Good night! (upbeat music)


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