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Freedom… Freedom has nothing to do with idols. It’s not about recognition, great deeds, fame, or victory. It’s not about owning, following, or leading. And it sure as hell isn’t about things. Freedom doesn’t have wheels, stripes, or a limited edition. Like a force of nature. It can’t be contained… just unleashed… by those with the courage to defy time. To brave darkness. And ride the storm. By the crazy ones that make a way, from no way. That have less. And do more. Again. And again. And again. Freedom is no place. No prize. No promise. It’s a choice, made by the few that dare. Dare To Be Free.

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  1. Ok, you have great app (been using for a while) BUT damn is this ad pretentious as hell, no offence intended. Advertise to the everyday person. These people are all clearly pro athletes and models and we all know it. Tell a story of personal transformation from real people. a human story. Here is a pitch, film a transformation video but have made with this style/quality. Have an out of shape actor who is willing to train for the project and document it EPICALLY. Just a thought. Peace

  2. I agree with pax in what he is saying . When I watch these Freeletics videos I want to try the App myself but then I think to myself that these are actors/ models and not the average everyday people like myself . It makes me be very skeptical towards the results which can be achieved .

  3. Great video, this is the truth about greatness !
    But are Andrej Matijczak, Joshua Cornelius and Mahmet Yilmaz still part of Freeletics ? We miss them !

  4. I’m a bomb Disposal Diver in the Royal Navy and I follow Freeletics. The top male and female spartan racers in the uk follow Freeletics. Try it. Enjoy it! It works!

  5. FREELETICS videos are made with real people and people who train every day and every week. Actually you can follow those people on the APP and some of them will also follow you motivating each other. Have a look here: and here: I saw people changing. FREELETICS is not just an APP it is a huge worldwide community. (I'm not being paid to say that, this is pure true) Look to the world challengers and their channel:

  6. why everything is an issue to marketing even human being emotions style and shape (this is uncultured attitude)
    it's really offensive, for example for me I feel dearer to curvy people, also they are not as hopeless people as you are trying to image always, and most of them do not have a problem with their shape and they are also sporting before your app is generated.
    no, all people love muscles, you have to know, by the way, I'm an application subscriber and I had a concern on that commercial

  7. What a beautiful video, so inspiring for all !  BEAUTIFUL TEXT !!!!! Dare to be free says it all !  Dare to be you, dare to reach higher goals, dare to go ahead…..BRAVO to the production team !!!

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