Word was first invented during the coronavirus lockdown by New York-based software engineer Josh Wardle, who simply wanted a game “for me and my partner to enjoy.”

The game was released to the public in October 2021 and soon built a dedicated fan base across the globe.

speaking to news week Erhan Aslan, Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics at the University of Reading in the UK, gave some advice on how to play Word.

He said: “One thing I think is important in this game is the initial word chosen. Starting with words that include commonly used vowels, e.g. eya, consonants like ryt, and sound sequences could be helpful. You might choose a word beginning with q, z, j or x, for example, may not be the best choice.

Wordle Hints for the May 4, 2023 Puzzle
A person plays “Wordle” in New York City on January 12, 2022. Newsweek has some tips and advice to help you solve Thursday’s “Wordle” challenge.
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“As you get more feedback after a few guesses, users need to draw on some phonics knowledge to reduce or eliminate some words they might be thinking of. For example, if the second letter of the target word is l (indicated by green) and the player feels that the word begins with a consonant, they will need to know that there are only a few possible consonant clusters (like bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, sl).”

Wordle’s popularity has helped inspire a number of other online puzzles, including World for geography enthusiasts and even taylordle For Taylor Swift fans.

The answer to today’s riddle will be revealed at the end of this article, so scroll down with caution if you want to solve it yourself.

‘Wordle’ #684, Clues for Thursday May 4th

news week has put together five clues to help you solve today’s problem Word puzzle.

Clue #1: The third and fourth letters are the same.

Clue #2: The response contains two vowels, one of which functions as a consonant in a different word structure.

Clue #3: It is a type of tropical fish.

Clue #4: It is often kept in aquariums.

Clue #5: There is no ‘me’ in the team. The same applies to Thursday. Word puzzle.

‘Wordle’ #684, Answer for Thursday May 4th

The answer to today Word it’s “guppy”.

Wow, that was hard! A rare word, without any of the most commonly used vowels. Did you get it? If so, we are very impressed! But please don’t worry if it isn’t. Other Word it will be tomorrow, and one of the best things about the game is to see if you can improve your results over time. news week He’ll be back, of course, too, with another round of tips and advice.

What does ‘guppy’ mean?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “guppy” as “a small bony fish, especially of Barbados, Trinidad, and Venezuela, which is a bearer of life and often kept as an aquarium fish.”

For example: “I went to the aquarium on Saturday and bought a guppy.”

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