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– [Narrator] Hey Tom,
we’re here in paradise to see your gym and fridge. – What’s up? (upbeat music) – [Female commentator] Is
Tom Brady the greatest player in NFL history? – [Narrator] The answer’s yes. Tom, where are we at? – We’re on vacation. (rock music) – [Narrator] Impressive
that you keep working out while you’re on break. We’ve got a bunch of
questions about our gym and about what your
vacation fridge looks like. So what are you doin’ when
you’re down here on vacation? – A lotta chillin’, but I always
like to get my workouts in. – [Narrator] Are you working out your arm while you’re on vacation? – Well, I’m always
tryin’ to throw the ball, but obviously, I love to
do my gym workouts too. – [Narrator] So what does
your workout look like the day after a big game? – Gotta get all the soreness out. A lot of pliability, and then try to do some light strength stuff. – [Narrator] Words to live by. So which of your Super
Bowl wins is your favorite? – They’re like my kids,
they’re all a little different, and they all mean something special. – [Narrator] Do your
kids play football too? – Yeah, a lot. I try to throw the ball a lot to them. They couldn’t come down here this trip, but when they do, I love it. – [Narrator] What’s an intense workout? – Not the bike. (upbeat rock music) – [Narrator] A week of training, what’s it look like for you? – A week of trainig? I try to workout four
or five times a week. This is pliability roller. – [Narrator] Does that foam
roller follow you on the road? – Always. I use it always before my workouts, which is critical. And then, always right after. – [Narrator] Are you taking
care of that golden arm on vacation? – I do a lot of shoulder exercises. – [Narrator] What is the toughest part about staying in shape at 40? – Kids. (baby laughing) – [Narrator] Who has a faster 40? Tom Brady today, or Tom
Brady from 19 years ago? – I don’t know if it’s
okay to watch that race. – [Narrator] And so how do
you keep your mind healthy? Do you meditate? – Sometimes. Usually the gym is my meditation. (bling noise) – [Narrator] So Tom, what kind of music gets you fired up for a workout? – A lot of U2. – [Narrator] U2, all right. What’s your favorite track? – Uh, there’s a lot of them. In the name of love – [Narrator] Can you give us a verse? – Sunday, bloody Sunday. – [Narrator] What’s your
favorite piece of gym equipment? – The butt plaster. – [Narrator] Why? – ‘Cause it blast my butt. – [Narrator] Any tattoos? – Tattoos? Never. – [Narrator] Any scars? – A lot, too many. – [Narrator] What’s your favorite? – I have one on my knee
from my torn ACL and MCL at the same time. And I had an infection, so I
had to open up three times. – [Narrator] Okay Tom, where’s the fridge in this island paradise? – Good question. Come on, I’ll show you my fridge. (upbeat tropical music) – Sup. – [Narrator] What do you
drink after a workout. – A lot of water. – [Narrator] Do you add anything to it? – A lot of electrolytes. – [Narrator] Oh, you add
your own electrolytes. – Yeah, just a little squirt. – [Narrator] What does your
diet mainly consist of? – Protein and a lot of healthy food. – [Narrator] What staples do
you always have in your fridge? – A lot of vegetables, A lot of fruit, and always chocolate. – [Narrator] What food do you always have with you on the road? – I love blueberries. Frozen blueberies. Bananas. Speaking of banana. – [Narrator] Are there any foods you never have in your fridge? – Yeah, strawberries. – [Narrator] What is it
with you and strawberries? – Color, smell, taste, look. – [Narrator] You ever have cheat days? – Enough of the cheat meal. Stupid question. – [Narrator] Okay, what’s
your go-to pregame meal? – Smoothie. On the butter jelly sandwich. – [Narrator] What is a favorite meal you make for your family? – Pancakes. Sunday morning pancakes. – [Narrator] All right, Tom. It’s time for our rapid fire questions. 7am or 7pm workout? – Oh, always 7am. – [Narrator] Squat or deadlift? – Deadlift. – [Narrator] Favorite
song on your playlist? – Shipping up to Boston. – [Narrator] Crossfit. Yay or nay? – Yay. – [Narrator] Dumbbells or kettle bells? – Kettle bells. – [Narrator] Run on a treadmill or run in the great outdoors? – I run on the beach. – [Narrator] Cardio or weights? – Uh… Weights. – [Narrator] Big legs or big arms? – Legs. Glutes. Your engine, that’s what I need more of. – [Narrator] Biggest compliment. Jacked, ripped, cut, or swole? – Swole bro, swole. – [Narrator] You could workout with anyone dead or alive, who would it be? – My wife. – [Narrator] Awww. – We have a great time. – [Narrator] All right. You guys had enough. Clear out. I gotta get back to work. (determined music)

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  1. I was expecting to see Gisele walking in her stamp-sized Vic Secret thong bikini and stripper heels. Psh, what a waste of time…

  2. Tom Brady is vegan. How many more pro athletes need to go vegan in order for people to wake up to the dangers of meat and dairy?

  3. I was most impressed with how blue the ocean water was and how white the sand was.  Could someone please tell me – for sure – what island Tom was on?  [I promise you I am not a stalker, just want to rent a beach house in that area.]  Thank you, kind people.

  4. The Detroit Lions scouts had him in their back yard during his college days. They passed him up. That sums up the Lions organization: S T U P I D.

  5. I never met a dude who was from Northern California who wasn't cool, to be the NFL goat married to the goat of supermodels is beyond living the dream

  6. The dedication he has to maintain his Body and eat healthy to play at a high level at 42 should inspire everyone If you believe or dont believe they way he eats and exercises or you hate the Patriots shouldn't matter but you have to tip your hat to him for his hard work doing what he does

  7. 2:44 No, he uses someone else's electrolytes. 🙄🙄🙄
    Also, if you have to go back to 2015 to find one photo of him preparing breakfasts for his kids, then he's not a good dad.

  8. Tom is the Most Disciplined Machine…A Perfect Role Model..Watching the Patriot's on the Field is so Exciting..Their Precision is off the Charts..there are 4-5 other teams I like..But Nothing matches the Patriots..Please dont Start the Deflate Gate Fake News BS…Losers Hate the Best NFL Team of all time.

  9. You can see why he is mountains above everybody else. Eats healthy 24/7, No cheat meals, sticks to his diet and workout routine, clean living, etc. Yes, in the modern world it doesn't seem normal because we all have our various desires and vices but that is why his achievements, at his age nonetheless, have surpassed all his peers. He's not the average joe or even the average athlete lifestyle but that's what you need to get to this level.

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