Too Much, Too Technical

Drive through your heels. I want you to extend your hip. I want you to feel your toes be off the ground and your arms to be straight. Yeah, good shrug. (laughing) Why aren’t you moving?
Oh, sorry. Make sure you drive through your heels. Yep, make sure that you’re also extending that hip. You should feel your abdominals stay very very tight during this movement. (laughing) Let’s get a shrug with those traps. Set it down. (clapping) She’s trying so hard to do every single thing he says, and what’s happening? It’s too much. And he kind of combined two of them: too much, and some of that was too technical. Right? We have a lot of good trainer talk that is awesome for us to have conversations about, but it’s gotta be simple and short. Squeeze your butt. Stand up tall. Extend your arm. Like, anything very very simple is going to work for somebody. Anything that’s a little too complex, their brain is just going to be like, “Whaaa?” But also, like, give them one thing at a time. If you talk to people who make their living in athletics and you ask them what they think about when they get on the platform or what they think about when they do this, it’s always one thing, because you can’t think about multiple things and make positive change.

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