TOP 10 Beautiful Fitness Models You Can’t Ignore In 2018

10 Beautifully Fit Models You Can’t Ignore A gorgeous face coupled with a shredded body,
now how are you supposed to ignore such a lethal combination? Their love for fitness is worth admiring,
if not that then at least the physical results that you can see on their body deserve some
appreciation! People who believe that girls lose their feminineness
the moment they lift weights, you gotta see these girls. Their well-proportioned body with chiseled
abs and overall fitness will motivate you to hit the gym right away. And boys, we bet you won’t be able to take
your eyes off of them! If that sparks any interest then stay tuned
for the entire video! Number 10. Lisa Morales
How do we efficiently describe the woman who is a model, has done music videos and been
a host for TV shows? If you are amazed by this then you need to
know that Lisa Morales is all this and a bit more. With an incredible body like her, it doesn’t
come as a surprise that she has graced the pages of Maxim and Sports Illustrated! She describes herself as petite, curves, cute
and a really bubbly personality and we couldn’t agree more! Talking about her assets, we won’t just
focus on her great body but also on that beautiful face that accompanies the other assets! Her posts on her Instagram for the 2.5 million
followers will surely take your breath away because she is fit and pretty and she knows
it! Number 9. Bella Falconi
We are talking about a Brazilian fitness model who is recognized worldwide as a life coach
and Instagram celebrity. This gorgeous woman posts regular pictures
and workout videos for her 3.2 million followers and we can’t have enough of it. Since we see her with those perfect abs and
toned legs, it is hard to imagine her as a junk eating, lazy girl. But that was her till the age of 25 when she
decided to change the course of life and achieve the body she dreamed of. We guess it’s never too late to realize
your dreams, the proof is Bell Falconi! Her Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Science
must have come handy in the process but the best part is that she took it further by getting
a training certificate to help others. We love her! Number 8. Paige Hathaway
The 30 year old fitness model is a treat to watch. Whether it’s her pouty lips decorating her
lovely face or her toned legs or those perfectly carved abs, every inch of her mesmerizes us! Her gorgeous form came to limelight when she
was placed second at the Ronnie Coleman Classic and there was no looking back from there. But things were troubled for her as a child
because she kept shuffling between foster care and her grandmother’s Minnesota trailer
home. She hasn’t talked to her parents in years
who got divorced when she was young. She can forget her troubled past because professionally,
she is rocking the scene with her 4 million Instagram followers! Number 7. Eva Andressa
Starting as a skinny teenager in Brazil to becoming a global fitness sensation, Eva Andressa
has sculpted one of the greatest female physiques in the industry. If you have any doubts about her beauty or
physique, you must check out her Instagram account that boasts 4.4 million followers. Be it her social media presence or appearances
on magazines, this woman oozes fitness and you can’t help but get motivated to change
the way you live! But this has come after a lot of struggle. Jardel Barros, her husband and an athlete
was the one who inspired and trained Eva to become what she is today. That is a story worth remembering and learning
from! Number 6. Andrea Espada
You know this girl for her amazingly funny videos. If you haven’t seen her till now which is
strange, you can join in the fun on her Instagram account where 5 million people are in love
with her. She is a great actress with brilliant timing,
girl, we love you. But if ever you decide to overlook her talent,
we bet your eyes will settle on her body, something she works on pretty well! The woman owns a perfectly toned physique
while maintaining those feminine curves and then she has got a lovely face to match. She is fit, fabulous and fantastic! Number 5. Yovanna Ventura
Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend, Yovanna Ventura might have been out of the limelight for some
time but she is back and we’d say back with a bang! She was seen with The Weeknd, the guy who
was last dating Selena Gomez who was once Bieber’s girlfriend and has now rekindled
the old romance with him. Confused? You are not alone and it isn’t about the
confusing love angles here because we are talking about Ventura, the 22 year old Dominican
model. She has got 5.1 million people to follow her
on Instagram, the ideal platform for her to show off her fit body! This girl is loved because she is a perfect
combination of a sculpted body and a pretty face. What more can we ask for? Number 4. Anllela Sagra
If you have never been impressed by a physique that is strong yet feminine, you haven’t
seen Anllela Sagra do her thing! She is that one fitness model that demands
your full attention and concentration and there is little chance that you will focus
on something else when she is present! Those perfectly sculpted abs with a strong
and proportionate body are a treat to watch and when you couple that with a face as cute
as hers, you get magic! Her Instagram following of 9.8 million says
it all about the motivation she brings in for her fans. You cannot help but step on the treadmill
after you watch her videos, her energy is contagious. Still awaiting inspiration? Number 3. Ana Cheri
Goddess is the word to describe her beauty! Born in 1986 and raised in a family of boys
in Southern California’s Huntington Beach, Ana was a bit of a tomboy and had a love for
football and skateboarding. It is hard to believe, especially after seeing
her sensuality as a former Playboy playmate and in pictures she posts on social media. With more than 11 million followers on her
Instagram account which is loaded with pictures of her sexy body, she is already a celebrity. She maintains those feminine curves while
keeping in shape and not letting even an ounce of extra fat layer her ripped midsection. And then that beautiful face to go with that
body, how can you not fall for her? Number 2. Michelle Lewin
If you have an average physique and need some motivation to ditch laziness and exercise,
Michelle Lewin is the one to follow on Instagram. The girl has 12.8 million followers, all deriving
motivation from her fitness regime. This Venezuelan beauty had humble beginnings
when her stepfather and her mother got separated leaving them with no money to buy food! From there to today’s stardom, the journey
is inspiring! She has also posed for playboy and that’s
great but would you believe us if we told you that she was looked down upon in the modeling
world because of freckles on her chest? She is beautiful, fit and an inspiration for
millions and that’s what matters! Number 1. Amanda Cerny
The 26 year old fitness professional and television personality has wowed us with her sensational
body and talent over the years. She had posed nude for playboy magazine in
her early years and from there on she moved to acting, which was a tough road because
being a playmate she was judged at every step. But nothing could stop her and she started
doing her own comedy videos on Vine which turned her into a celebrity. In case you have missed all this but use Instagram,
chances are that you know about this lovely woman. With over 19 million followers, all appreciating
her well-built physique and beautiful looks, she is a treat to watch. Don’t miss out on her workout videos! Which of these lovely ladies have motivated
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