Top 5 Dumbbell Tricep Exercises! Build Muscle & Strength!

What’s going on Nation? Today I’m gonna share with you my top 5 dumbbell tricep exercises to help you build more muscle and strength Now the key to building big triceps is making sure that you’re targeting all three heads throughout your tricep routine You also want to make sure that you’re performing the movements that require the most energy first this beneficial for two reasons Number one you can focus on building more strength on these exercises and number two you will pre-exhaust your triceps so when you get to the exercises that require less weight you can focus on form making them more effective in terms of breaking down muscle and building a stronger mind muscle connection Remember without a strong mind muscle connection you could be wasting some serious time in the gym So click the link below to learn more about it and how to improve it now on to my top 5 dumbbell tricep exercises The first exercise is my favourite It’s called a powerbomb or a dumbbell seated overhead tricep extension And it’s really great for targeting the long and medial heads of your tricep Now this exercise can be done one of two ways you can do it standing, or you can do it seated I prefer to do them seated if my goal is to solely focus on destroying my triceps when you do this exercise Standing you put a lot more pressure in your core, so you won’t be able to lift this heavy And if you’re not used to it or like I said if the goal is to really focus on your triceps You’re gonna have to flex your glutes flex your core and maintain all this stability Which is taking energy away from the actual exercise, so do it either way. I’m gonna do mine seated so for this movement What you want to do Is have a seat just like this from here dumbbell up to your shoulder Once in place you can extend your arms up over your head keep your palms facing forward, so keep your wrist straight You notice I have the dumbbell Parallel to the ground and then from here while only bending at the elbows you’re gonna come back Behind your head, just like this all the way down all the way to the top of the movement and then repeat Make sure you’re controlling the negative of the entire time And then you’re really flexing and squeezing your triceps back to the top of the movement now You might see a lot of people start to go, too Heavy on this exercise and this starts to happen and the range of motion gets shorter and shorter and shorter don’t be one of those people use weight that you can handle all the Way down all the way up and repeat for your entire set now a couple other tips I want to share with you guys as you start moving into heavier weight with this exercise You might notice a bit more pressure in your core especially around your lower back, and that’s happening for a few different reasons One of the most common ones is because your body is slowly sliding forward So you’re changing all the angles and you’re putting a lot more pressure here And your back is arched and you’re trying to you know basically perform the movement without proper form I like using seats where I can actually push myself in and make sure my butt is all the way back against this pad number two if you’re not activating your internal belt Especially when going heavy, that’s when you’re going to start to run into problems And what that means is when you’re doing this exercise and you have the dumbbell up and over your head take in a breath Flex your abs squeeze your core all the way down all the way up Breathe out taking another breath all the way down all the way up and Repeat so make sure you’re activating that internal belt give it a shot, and if you want try it standing. That’s okay, too Whatever works for your workout the second exercise is the dumbbell Skullcrusher and actually the other variation with the barbell who is one my favorite tricep exercises as well And I’m sure you’ve probably done that one and there’s only a few differences between doing that in this and the main one being using dumbbells and not a bar So what happens when you bring a dumbbells into the equation is you always have to focus on having more control And we’re gonna talk about that when doing this movement It’s a really great exercise once again targeting the long and medial heads of the tricep and what you’re going to do is get into place by kicking up the Dumbbells, just like this And you’re gonna hold them straight over your head palms facing each other Once in place the way you perform this movement squeeze the dumbbells as hard as you can and while only bending at the elbows Control the dumbbells down by the sides of your head once fully descended back to the top of the movement flex your triceps as hard as you can and repeat now This is the most important thing guys when doing this exercise if you don’t keep the bottom half of your arm Perfectly straight in one place you’re gonna Take a lot of the muscle engagement, which means muscle damage out of the exercise and you will not be hitting your triceps Which is possibly as hard as you possibly can what I mean by that is if you start doing this and then this It’s like half the tensions basically gone almost like like 60 70 percent. You can feel the difference so keep your arms straight Control all the way down all the way up really squeeze those triceps and repeat for repetitions The third exercise is going to be the dumbbell tricep press This is a lot like the close grip bench press Only difference is you’re using dumbbells and you’re gonna keep your palms facing in throughout the entire movement So guys grab your dumbbells and what you’re going to do is get into position just like this Make sure you set up on the bench properly turn the dumbbells so palms are facing your face and then from here You’re gonna lower the dumbbells over your torso and you’ll notice that when I get to the bottom of the movement I’m forming 90-degree angles with my arms and now from here and this is the important part press back up over your torso and Flex your triceps as hard as you can I don’t want you guys going down like this And then as you press pushing up and over your chest That’s gonna bring more of your chest into the movement now if you’ve never done this exercise before and you’re not used to it I recommend using light weight focus on that mind-muscle connection and get used to pressing over Your core as opposed to the traditional bench press which is over your chest, so just like this all the way up All the way down all the way up and That’s how you do the exercise so guys a really great movement for targeting the lung and medial head to the tricep Just make sure you don’t make the mistake of going too heavy And you start thrusting the dumbbells in the air make sure you can control the dumbbells with every single rep Squeeze them as hard as you can and feel the burn on every single set So the next exercise requires a bit more focus on form than using heavy weight It’s a really great movement to target the long and medial heads of the triceps And it’s the seated dumbbell single arm overhead tricep extension So for this exercise what you’re going to do is grab one dumbbell you’re gonna hold it up and over your head with your palm Facing forward put your other hand on your hip just like this make sure your back is flat Against the seat and then from here what you’re going to do while only bending at the elbow is Control, the dumbbell and bring it down behind your head as far as you can and then return back to the starting position and repeat for reps now when performing this movement guys you want to make sure that when you get to the top you’re flexing and Squeezing a tricep as hard as you can and you’re controlling that negative the entire way down if you start using weight That’s too heavy you might notice that you thrust the dumbbell into the air by contorting your body, and you let it drop way Too fast so you’re thrusting and then dropping and you’re not working your triceps at all Control, the dumbbell by squeezing it as hard as you can going nice and slow on the negative back up to the top of the movement and then repeat and it also goes without saying that as soon as you finish on one side you’re gonna switch and Move to the other side and complete the same amount of reps to complete one set now another quick tip for this exercise I actually like doing it towards the end of my workout when my triceps are Already a bit fatigued. I find that if my triceps are already fatigued I can use that same 20 pound dumbbell and you get a much Better workout with it because I can isolate and really target the area It’s warmed up all the Bloods in there the muscles already starting to break down And if you have a hard time of mind muscle connection you can utilize this to help with that as well and then lastly for those of you who need to warm up your triceps a Lot before going into your routine Maybe your elbows start to hurt when you start doing your workouts if you grab like a 5 or a 10 pound dumbbell and do one to two sets of 10 to 12 reps per side It’s a really great warm-up before going into the actual routine The last exercise on my list is the dumbbell tricep kickback and again this is an exercise that I like to use as a Finisher at the end of my workouts when my triceps are already fatigued and now a lot of people when they do this Exercise they use a lot of momentum because they use too much weight But don’t want you guys to fall victim to that and what I mean is You see a lot of this happening what you like boom and you just kind of thrust it out put some hips into it It’s like you’re doing a dance move on the bench. I mean if you want to dance I guess you could do it, but that’s not what we’re here for we’re here to hit that tricep So if you really want to focus on isolating that lateral head the way you’re gonna perform this movement is first Grab a light enough pair a light enough dumbbell that you can handle Get into position by posting with one arm and then posting with the opposite leg I like to actually kind of stick my butt out and arch my back to make this as solid as possible and then from here Bring your elbow up to keep your arm perpendicular to the floor squeeze the dumbbell as hard as you can fully extend back Hold for a second squeeze that tricep as hard as you can Control the movement back to the starting position and repeat For repetitions, and this is what’s important guys if you go, too Heavy you’re not gonna be able to hold and squeeze for a second at the top And you’re not gonna be able to control the negative and the negative is where all the muscle damage happens That’s where most of its happening so all the way back all the way down Don’t do any of this and then thrusting the dumbbell back forward nice and tight all the way back all The way down and obviously as soon as you finish on one side you’re gonna switch and complete the same amount on the other to complete your set Now that you guys know my top five dumbbell tricep exercises Be sure to switch up your tricep workout by adding in a few of these exercises Or if you want to make a routine out of the list follow these guidelines three sets per exercise ten to twelve repetitions per set and only rest sixty to ninety seconds max between sets and Exercises if you haven’t already check out my top five dumbbell bicep exercises as well I’ll toss a link of that in the info section below be sure to LIKE click that subscribe button and as always more good stuff coming soon See you guys if you’re looking for our website that lets you build your own profile interact with other community members Log your daily meal plan and add your own custom foods Find the exact routines you’re looking for to reach your goals on a weekly basis new recipe ideas to help improve your meal plan and you enjoy learning new things to take your Workouts to the next level join What’s your maximum output?

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    Your triceps can thank me later 😉

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  2. Ever since I have started watching your videos it has definitely helped me out tremendously. Full motion, mind muscle connection is so very important and it has helped me build muscle faster! Thank you. I greatly appreciate your videos!

  3. should I do the excersices one by one all sets completely then move to the next one or do 1 set each and move to the next one.and repeat for 3 sets

  4. By doing that last exercise it feels like m gonna dislocate the shoulder,too much pressure. Is there alternative for that exercise?

  5. Thanks for all your videos, it helps me out allot when i do not have time to go to the gym and hit the dumbels at home 😉 thanks again m8 and keep it up

  6. Dumbbell skull crusher. Curious why you prefer to go straight up instead of keeping your arms parallel to floor. It keeps consistent resistance on the tricep this way. With your way, when you're at the top of the movement….there is no resistance on the tricep minus your contraction

  7. My left arm is alot weaker than my right, and when I do the 4th exercise with my right arm I can feel the contraction of the tricep, but I can't in my left, and I can barely even do a few reps before the left arm cant carry the weight. And in the 1st excercise I feel like the right arm again has more benefit. Am I doing it wrong?

  8. Can someone help meee, while doing tricep kickbacks my tricep hurts (that inner head) its not that good comfortable pain but a sharp pain, like someone is stabbing me with a knife in the inner triceps….. Also i do 2 tricep exercises on push day, and i dont feel the triceps, i lift heavy(good form and isolating the triceps) and it gets hard at the last reps but after i put down the weights i feel as if I never did them…i started lifting so i kinda wouldn't do supersets and dropsets and that kinda staff just yet, but im not a complete begginer, i lifted before

  9. Anything overhead, seated sucks for people with disc issues and is dangerous for bulges. Standing oh press and triceps press is better because you also get core stability work.

  10. Thank you Scotty for the description, I was looking for a quick shortcut so I don't have to scroll through the video to find an exercise.
    I just have one question though; do you need to retract your scapula/put your shoulders back for the tricep press like you do for a normal press? That's usually done to activate the chest right, but will it make a difference or affect the effectiveness of the exercise etc.
    Sorry if this is a little confusing..

  11. Hey Scott, love your videos man!
    Quick Question: I feel a lot of stress on my shoulder joint while performing the POWERBOMB, is it normal or am I doing it wrong? (I think I do it the way you illustrated, except without the back support. )

  12. for me, it's better to exhale as i push and inhale as i lower the weight / the negative. Scott exhaled after the rep? inhaled before the rep? never really seen anyone do it like that! i don't agree with his style of breathing. not saying he's wrong, it's just not for me!

  13. When i did the last one, i felt pain in the beginning, i did 10 pounds, did i do it wrong when i felt pain, its like a cramp

  14. What I loved most about this video was… each and every exercise worked my core. There were no crazy weights involved and total concentration was on form. Huge props to you, mate. Keep up the good work

  15. do these exercises work for beginners like me? i do 2 sets of 40 reps for each exercise with a 30 sec break in between.. is this fine?

  16. Hi pal. This top 5 dumbell series is amazing. It simplifies individual muscle group work out a lot for a person like me who works out at home only. Can you include other muscle groups in this series like shoulder, back, chest and legs? It will be very helpful. Thanks in advance.

  17. I been trying these exercises and I got my right hand triceps is bigger than left. They are not looking in proper size what to do.

  18. For the last one it’s probably better that you don’t curl the weight forward like you’re doing cause that gives your triceps a chance to rest a little bit. But other than that very informative vid

  19. Hey Scott, with the powerbomb exercise is it ok if i let my shoulders rotate backwards slightly on the eccentric to get more of a stretch on the triceps in the extended position? Or does this jeopardise shoulders?

  20. You’re giving a lot of misleading information dude, on your other skullcrushers tutorial video you told us to angle our elbows backwards a little bit because if we keep the arms straight up we’re resting at the top which takes away the tension and that it’s better going with gravity, now in this video you tell us to keep our arms and elbows straight up.

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