100 Replies to “TOP 7 Best Contortionists WORLDWIDE on Got Talent Global”

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  3. Superb performances by the contortionists! I only wish the cinematographer had the talent to concentrate his camera on the performers rather than constantly cutting to the coprophagous expressions on the observers' faces.

  4. Why don't the people that create these videos edit out the judges ugly faces and their comments? Totally is discrediting the performers!!

  5. The judge's opinion is meaningless. it's the viewers! And their judgement is not even anybody viewing cares about… Especially their faces for fame they think they're getting but they're just getting hated..(the judges)

  6. If they show themselves at the beginning.then at the end of the performance.. it would credit them immensely much more..

  7. ooooowwww……….. Howard Stern is so creepy and a well known perv………..Mandel on the other hand is very gay, so we know he isn't get anything out of seeing this….he's still icky though……. David Wulliams is so ooooooowy as well, for very different reasons……..USA and England give us great creepy judges….Simon is a power control freak however! and so USA got T is probably nicer to the contestants ……..and fans, though must say all those obviously gay innuendos of D.Wulliams do get old and trashy to hear after a while…..

  8. hey! if you want a channel of someone who isn’t naturally flexible but can teach you how to get flexible fast?? look at mine!!

  9. The dance company was fantastic!! They were like serpents and they were so graceful yer angular if that makes sense. Wow.

  10. Scariest thing in the whole entire entire worl scariest things in the hole in the whole entire world

    Amazing peopled

  11. お ぢ教え 美女 えァ エステ でましアド fぇぃble 。。😖😖😖😖💛💛💛💛💜💜💜💜

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  14. Me:ugh when is sofie dossi come up

    Like if your in 2019 and if you where waiting for sofie dossi to

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