“TOROKHTIY online training GANG – 8/11” [ENG SUB] (Weightlifting & CrossFit)

TRAINING WEEK #8! As I have promised you before – we’ll have SNATCH…max, and…CLEAN&JERK – max… But, you should still have strength for “Wednesday” and “Friday” trainings. The first “main” training, and we start with “GOOD MORNINGS”! I suggest you to do it in a different way: we’re gonna do it to a half-dip, so you can add more weight. I’ll show you how we used to do this exercise before, and the way we will do it today. We used to do this. And now we will do this…. The amplitude is small: these are those “links” we’ll need when lifting the big weights. And we steal up to the big weights. Exercise #2. MUSCLE SNATCH. This exercise is 90% resemble the SNATCH, but it should be done without the second pull. Free acceleration to the knee height, speed up after the knee height, and don’t forget about the fixation above the head. How to define the right weight for yourselves? – If the barbell flies out easily and you fix it without pressing – it means that you have chosen the right weight. When the barbell gets to the position when you have to squeeze it up 5-10 kilos less, and continue doing the exercise with a comfortable weight. Correct performance of the exercise is more important, than the weight. Exercise #3. POWER SNATCH. Don’t put all the effort you have – you should keep it for Wednesday and Friday too. Pull your pelvis back when receiving the barbell. Exercise #4. PUSH PRESS. We accelerate it to the right kilos step by step, the main part of work should be done with your legs, accelerate in the dip-drive and squeeze it up. I wanted to tell you as you’ve asked why do I train alone in the gym? – Look right or left please, I just train and record videos when the athletes have a day off. But today I’m not alone, the Olympic medalist, Yuliya Kalina, helps me) Exercise #5. FRONT SQUAT. Sit down slowly and stand up quickly. That’s all, training #1 is done! While you’ll have some rest.. I’ll have a chat . Training #2: the basic one, and written as #3 in the plan. It consists of 4 exercises, the “control” exercise is CLEAN&JERK. You should do all the previous exercises as the “warm up”. Exercise #1. “GOOD MORNINGS”. I remind you: this week we do this exercise in a different way, than we did it before. Get down slowly and get up quickly. Exercise #2. SNATCH. I advise you to do this exercise with straps to keep our “calluses”, because the next one will be without straps. I suggest you to save energy for CLEAN&JERK, don’t put the whole effort when performing the SNATCH. Exercise #3. CLEAN&JERK! We can say that 95% is a competitive rehearsal. Try to warm up right, eat, sleep. All the work we’ve done before should encourage you to lift the new weight and reach the result you can show off in the social networks. I will be pleased if you’ll have those extra kilos as a result. CLEAN&JERK, warm up calmly, confidently, consistently, and start adding speed after 70-80% only. First reps can be done without legs’ split. Thus, we will work on the height of getting up. And then you can do it with legs’ split, as you did it before. CLEAN&JERK: pull the pelvis back, rigit dip and pull up only after a rigit dip. As I’ve told in my video: imagine you have a bowl with water in your hands, you need to dip slowly and correctly, thus, you won’t spill the water backward or forward. After we pass the new weight, new records, we get to the exercise #4: CLEAN PULL! 100% will be counted according to the new weight, use straps, and stand on a full foot. Many of you keep asking: – Do I have to pull the barbell up after the second pull with the help of arms? – The flight of the barbell after the second pull is a measure of your brunt and realization. By no means: don’t pull it by your hands, to what extent it flew – that’s it. Don’t pull the barbell with your hands. You can just follow it, but you’ll never pull it falsely, especially if you imagine 200 kg and try to pull it up by your hands. Training #2 is completed successfully, and we move to Training #3 (the basic one). Have a good rest between the workouts, recover, because training #3 includes new exercises and new weights. Training #3. Exercise #1. “GOOD MORNINGS”. Exercise #2: we have to warm up right, as it’s the SNATCH! Today we will try to outdo our result. The most important is: BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. I’d advise you to lift and don’t think about how, what, and what for. I would like to say you should warm up as much as it possible, stay with those 20-40 kilos and feel good motion, and only then begin to “attack”. Don’t forget: the most important thing in the SNATCH is…JUMP..- we jump up with the barbell. Exercise #3. SNATCH PULL. I suggest to do it with two stops. That “stop” should be done in the inferior mode. Lift the barbell up in the pull. Make a stop over your knees and count to 3, and the next stop – under the knees and count to three. If you can’t do it and feel like pulled to the heel – just try the pull you’ve been doing before. Exercise #4. CLEAN! I suggest you to do this exercise without the legs’ split, put your feet on the width you need. This exercise (without legs’ split) subtitutes POWER CLEAN! That’s it, our training is over. And I do believe – successfully, everyone will see those kilos that you’ll brag in the INSTAGRAM (with a hashtag #TorokhtyiGang)…. ….the best technique and th best kilos will be there, on my page. Bye. TRAIN TOGETHER, TRAIN RIGHT.

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  1. Леша, треня – класс!! а лирическое отступление на девушек – улыбнуло и порадовало… :)))

  2. Жаль что алексей больше не выступает,еще очень много не растраченого потенциала

  3. Muchas gracias Alexsey, estoy aprendiendo mucho de ti y nuevamente gracias por tus vídeos! ojalá vuelvan los sub en Español, saludos.

  4. Алексей спасибо большое за видео
    Скажите пожалуйста что делать если заболел начинать сначала с первой недели или продолжать ?

  5. А что не так в на гр в стойку или пп? Чем полезнее на гр без разброса? К рывку это тоже относится?

  6. Алексей,смотрел чм по тяжелой атлетике в Хьюстоне–печаль.Неужели все так плохо у нас с тяжелой атлетикой?

  7. #torokhtiygang нанимаю в инсте а там всего одна публикация может я неправильно пишу ??? Сегодня проведу тренировку номер пять с этой недели !)

  8. Олексій Добро дня. Зробіть відео з нашою збірною дуже цікаво подивитись про їхнє життя і тренування.

  9. Алексей следующий вопрос. Если у меня нет проблем со взятием на грудь, а проблемы с толчком с груди на весах 90-100%, может мне лучше, например, на этой недели во время 3ей основной тренировки вместо взятия на грудь сделать толчок со стоек?

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