Tour Tenshi’s UWM Kenilworth single room

– Hi I’m Tenshi Kawashima,
I’m an international student from Japan. I live in Kenilworth. Here’s my room. I think Kenilworth is a
good fit for international student. I was not able to bring
a lot of stuff to here. I only had one suitcase. So I appreciate the fact that
Kenilworth has everything for students. So we, we even have a laundry in my room. I only have to share
with two other people. It’s so nice to have full
sized fridge and stove. I made my room cozy with
my bed covers and posters and plants. And I really feel home here. It’s very nice, I get
sunlight like all the day. And I actually get sunset
view, so I always take pictures when the sky is very beautiful. I’m very glad I ended up here. It’s quiet, it’s good for
studying, and I love it. Thank you for watching, sayonara, bye bye.

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