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you find the traditional weightlifting
hinders your mobility I don’t because I like to stretch usually about 15 minutes
before and after every workout people always ask how I do what I do slowly
because I try to maintain my stretching at all times
Sunday’s associate i like force myself to go longer like oh hold each stretch
for 4 minutes which is kind of a long time especially if it’s tight right here
you’re like okay this is gonna be the longest four minutes in my life yeah but
as you keep breathing you kind of get into it more just good to keep it loose
especially with flips if you’re tight you can tear something release ball
through to need to drop these five to ten so three sets of ten today because
it’s rest day after dress today I love those you make me happy I think
with all my slips my body just knows how to like absorb the ground who you back
with some stuff it’s just pounding so with everything I
do my body just kind of like is used to maneuvering and hitting the ground of
light as possible oh those are killer definitely the
hardest part of this workout come on baby arms let’s grow a little bit just have to like try to lift it above my
knees he added like CrossFit training I always like make a deal with my friends
like I’d get the weights if they just got the box because it was always like
the hardest part for me we’re gonna do does this usually how you change in that
yeah laureate training I like to do like standard workout by like upping it a
little bit and then adding like high intensity to it my body just feels best
and I feel faster over so how did you guys do your best factor
I had a dream that I could do it and a dream that I ran the fastest mile at my
school and then I was like a celebration at at a backflip and I woke up and I was
like that would be freaking awesome and I just took like a cushion from my pool
outside did it in my living room never look I think the most common mistake with
handstands is people will go and they’ll be here like what’s right hand saying
like this but it’s just like an overhead squat or putting any weight overhead you
want to extend so that you use your arms to stabilize and not only save lives but
to be stronger you’re not strong I try to hope it’s
gonna start getting heavy so to make it lighter you’re gonna push you know and
use your strength to keep that up there so it’s the same with the handstand
essentially it’s like an overhead squat but upside down if you’re like this your
body’s gonna want to start coming down and then you can’t balance because
you’re not stable so to get stable you got to extend and be strong and keep
your body tight and then you compel it and you’re like okay you’re not strong
here rather than be here you’re stronger there and then in that position you can
kind of do whatever as long as you’re keeping that stability you can move but
if you’re like if you want to be out you can’t then you gotta be strong so
whatever position that you’re in wanna make sure that you’re extending to try
to use as much muscle that you can can see walks to learn at least how I
learned I try to put them like where I wanted to go so if I wanted to walk that
way I try to kind of like arch my back a little bit to get my feet going that way
especially if someone’s not necessarily stable in their handstand their feet
will start coming this way and then obviously if your feet of this way you
can’t walk that way because you’re just working against yourself so I kind of
tell people to force their legs just slightly that way or the direction that
you want to go so it just kind of like pulls you you
know so yeah when people are first learning it’s not necessarily a walk
they’re kind of like trying to catch themselves so you put your feet that way
maybe try to catch yourself and all of a sudden you start learning how to like
stabilize that and then you’re really walking you you

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  1. As a guy who can deadlift 505lb I gotta say half on the excercises she does seem impossible. Really shows how everyone is better than you at something

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