Transphobie transgenre : Zoey Tur vs Planet Fitness

I think people have a right to be concerned and I think there should be private areas the person at the very center of this controversy the transgender person and that’s really the problem is your definition of transgender is a transvestite a crossdresser a male that has a sexual fetish dressing as a female what how do we know that I did some research and I made I’m very careful about these sorts of things and I looked at posts and social media and I also spoke to the receptionist at the planet fitness so yeah you’re dealing with a crossdresser I have many friends that are cross dressers and it is it’s not a transsexual it’s a male that gets gets off dressing as women’s clothing and wenzhou isn’t it possible again the way planet hollywood frames there no judgment policy as long as you have a sincere opinion about your gender they’ll go with it and maybe this person was sincerely in moving in that direction hadn’t just you know they’re still at the sort of cross-dressing or presenting as a woman stage and living as a woman rather than actually moving into the transgender category no that’s not the case tell me this person is a crossdresser that gets a sexual high from dressing as a female and there’s quite a few people like that but Zoe so I’m sorry interrupt you but I got to go to break but wouldn’t that be a criminal going in the women’s locker room to get high off to get get his kicks out of dressing like a woman and getting off on that I mean in a female locker room right well possibly but you know with federal law and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and title to you know planet fitness had no choice but to have that policy you much of this is self identifying and you know we have to police our own I suppose but I can understand both sides of the issue

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