Treadmill workouts for weight loss – Treadmill Interval Training: 5 Step Fat Loss Workout (Intense)

Hi my name is Lauren Kern, I’m
a personal trainer, certified sports and conditioning specialist, and a figure competitor with the NPC. Hi my name is Aaron Ribant, I’m a personal trainer certified by the National Academy
of Sports Medicine. We’re here at Core Fitness in Hermosa Beach, California. Today we’re
going to talk to you about treadmills. One of the best programs on the treadmill for
fat loss is the speed interval program. It’s a program that takes you from a jog speed
all the way up to a full-out run speed. It’s a very, very difficult program, but it’s probably the best
program available to you for fat loss. You want to step onto the device slowly, making
sure that it’s off first. You want to hold onto the hand rails. You want to begin at
a nice easy speed. I usually like hitting “Quick Start”, and slowly increasing the speed
until I feel like I’m at a comfortable brisk walking pace. I usually keep it there for
2-3 minutes before increasing to a jog that I feel I can maintain for a long period of
time. You always want to make sure that you’re looking straight ahead on the treadmill, and
I recommend that you’re not reading any magazines while jogging. Ok, now that you’ve reached your jog speed, go down to the menu on the treadmill. We’re going to hit the “speed interval” button. It’s going to ask you for a little bit of input here. You’ve already got your jog speed, so go ahead and enter that information. Again, you should be at a pace where you could
maintain all day, if you had to. That speed’s going to be anywhere from 2 mph to 7 mph,
depending on your degree of running. But you have to catch your breath during this phase,
so go pretty light. It’s going to ask for the “speed interval” or the “sprint interval.”
Again, this is going to be at the fastest pace possible, as long as you’re safe. So
don’t hold back, but if you’re having a hard time staying on the treadmill, that’s a little
bit too fast, so back it off by a mile or two. Then hit the “speed interval” button.
That’s going to ramp you up to the sprint speed. You want to begin at sprinting intervals
that are shorter than your jogging intervals. You always want to allow yourself more time
to recover than the time that you spend in your high intensity interval. So I usually
recommend that people start with a 3 minute jog to a 1 minute sprint, and you can slowly
increase this until your sprint and jog intervals are the same amount of time. A couple great
things about that program is its time efficiency and sheer calories burned in that short amount
of time. It utilizes different energy systems, allowing your body to work at high intensity
levels, and at the same time giving it time to recover in between those intervals.

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  13. 1 min speed? 3 min jog? I recommend 15 secs Fast as possible sprint,, then 1 min rest or slow pace for beginners.. Do this about 8-10 times

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