Tricep Workouts & Exercises : Use Dumbbells for the Side Extension Triceps Exercise

The next exercise, and the final exercise
I’m going to demonstrate with a dumbbell, is a side tricep extension. You’re going
to only grab one dumbbell, extending that arm up to the side. As you can see, my palm
is facing forward; it’s not facing inside. You can either support your arm or you can
do this without support. You’re going to bend your elbow over your head to the side,
making sure that your arm is at a 90 degree bend, and exhale extend, pressing back out.
Keeping that palm facing forward, inhale and exhale. If you want to support your arm, if
it’s wobbling a little bit, you can grab a hold of your triceps and inhale, stabilizing
that shoulder joint, and exhale. Good, inhale, and exhale. Perfect. Inhale and exhale, very
good. Make sure you have a pretty loose grip on the bar, and inhale, good.

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  1. to get big muscels u gotta do like 5-10 reps? and if you CAN get over 10 reps you should add more weight? and is it for all muscles the same thing?


  2. thanks..that came in you know how much weight should I lift…I have skinny arms,I'm 140 lbs, 5' 10'' tall, 26 yo..
    thanks so muvh.

  3. pick a weight that you can lift for 10 reps on maximum , try to do 3 sets that would be perfect , and try to not rest or get a very little rest between sets , after you finish working out i recommend eating fruits full of simple carbs , Dates fruits are the best.

  4. yes for all exercises , but i heard that if you squat like 15-20 reps you get more benifit from the exercise .

  5. Thank you!

    Tracy Anderson says, that if you don't want bulky muscles, 3 pounds weight is max, better repeat more times.

  6. start with very light weights and work up. If anything feels uneasy then stop and go to a lower weight but u should always ask ur doctor about stuff like that. how did u do that anyway lol?

  7. 4 months WILL be enough to see results. in fact, even 2 months would be enough for seeing results. but it takes dedication. and if you want your results to be even MOER visible, you should do cardio work all day. you can go out for a jog, a bike ride, rollerblading, use a weighted jump rope or if you have a punching bag do boxing, kickboxing =]

  8. Hey, my workout consists of 25 crunches, 3 pull ups, 10 push ups and 5 of these extension things on each arm, and 8 sets. At the end, my right arm felt SIGNIFICANTLY more burned out then my left, and my veins on my right arm were way more popped out and same with my muscle. What could I be doing wrong?

  9. @moviemaker933 you might not be doing the full range of motion with you left because its weaker, if thats the case, use a lighter weight. It could also be that your using perfect form on the exercises, but your left handed, so you arm might feel more burned due to a weaker, less developed muscle.
    Hope this helps

  10. This seems like it would work, but when i tried it w/ my 15 lbs dumbell it felt as if my arm was going to pop out of socket…what weight should i use?

  11. Is it ok if ME. A fourteen year old,is able to use a 25 pound dumbell. My teacher told me that is you lift weights at a young age,you won't grow as much as the normal american.

  12. @myusernameisfunny1 eat clean, lift heavy weight compound movements and do cardio. don't fucking do shitty bull shit exercises for 100 reps to feel the burn you idiot.

  13. @myusernameisfunny1 good luck those plant killers burn like hell =P sorry couldnt resist a spelling mistake that golden and hope your wedding went well =D

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