Former President Donald Trump told Michael Flynn he would “bring him back” in a call during a ReAwaken America rally.

Flynn, a former White House national security adviser and retired Army general, was pardoned by Trump in the final weeks of his term, ending a year-long trial in the Russia investigation in which he twice pleaded guilty to lie to the FBI before recanting.

Flynn went on to launch the ReAwaken America Tour in the months following the January 6 insurrection at the United States Capitol.

Since early last year, the tour has traveled across the country, hosting conferences with conspiracy theorists, pastors and pro-Trump speakers. NPR has described each stop as “part conservative Christian revival, part QAnon expo, and part political rally.”

The tour arrived at Trump National Doral Miami for a three-day conference that ended Saturday night.

Trump, the favorite in the 2024 Republican primary, was forced to abruptly cancel an outdoor rally in Iowa on Saturday due to a tornado watch.

But he called Flynn during a Reawaken America event and told him he would have a role in the next Trump administration, according to a video posted to Twitter by attorney Ron Filipkowski, who tracks far-right figures online.

“I will say General Flynn is a general, he is a man,” Trump is heard saying through a phone Flynn is seen holding in the clip, which has amassed more than a million views.

“He took abuse like no one could have handled and came back bigger, better and stronger than ever.

“We love him, he’s a leader and you just stay rich and healthy and well and everything. I want you to have a great life overall. You just have to stay healthy because we’ll bring you back. We’ll bring you back.”

US President-elect Donald Trump (left) meets with
Donald Trump (left) with Michael Flynn (right) at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida on December 21, 2016. Trump said he would “bring it back” in a new administration.
Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images

Trump’s comments drew cheers from the crowd, with Flynn responding, “My wife is freaking out.”

The Trump campaign has been contacted for comment by email.

arrives days later Rolling Stone reported that Trump wants Flynn and Jeffrey Clark, both leading figures in his efforts to overturn the 2020 election, by his side if he wins a second term.

In at least one conversation, Trump noted that any senior position for Flynn would “probably” have to be an unconfirmed appointment by the Senate, a source with direct knowledge of the publication said.

The most recent stop on the tour sparked protests from Christian organizations that sounded the alarm about Christian nationalism.

Amanda Tyler, lead organizer for Christians Against Christian Nationalism and executive director of the Baptist Joint Committee on Religious Liberty, said she attended the conference Saturday and “watched speakers mix Christian imagery and language with lies and conspiracy theories about COVID vaccines and safety”. of our electoral system.

In a statement to news weekAdded Tyler: “We are hosting a Christian Counter-Witness because we are horrified to see the faith we hold dear being used to spread lies, violence and authoritarian theocracy. We are here to tell the millions of Christians across the country who are also horrified and angry about the Christian nationalism, you are not alone”.

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