TRY THIS KILLER BACK & BICEP WORKOUT ft. Dylan Goddard | Crossfit Tanjong Pagar | Primal PT 17

What’s good guys? Today I’m at CrossFit
Tanjong Pagar and I’m working out with that beast of a man right there. Mr. Dylan
Goddard. How do you say your last name? Goddard.
Yeah, I think the biggest question we ask today is… DY have you
ever cried in the gym before? It’s gonna be a great day!
Just here. Gonna do a workout with him. It’s gonna be a back/pull like a pull
back and arm session. Definitely gonna be something different from what
I’m used to doing. So hopefully you guys enjoy whatever he’s got planned watching
me do it. I’m gonna be strug’s. It’s okay. I don’t mind so much. Let’s get it. Alright guys so welcome. We’ve got DY
here. This has been a better three four weeks in the making.
A quick little session. So I saw on his IG that he’s on a little
adventure. I’ve done some bodybuilding in the
past and I thought I maybe just kind of like to see what he’s up to and we’re
gonna take him through a back and bicep workout today.
Pretty easy. Its going to be a lot of super sets, a lot of crying and wailing but,
that’s just the part of it man. So first we will start with these two movements.
So Croc Rows, if you’re not familiar with the movement it’s like
a supported one-arm dumbbell row but we there’s no support. So a lot more AB
engagement and will really make sure there’s some real good contraction at
the top getting maximum volume and blood into the muscle. Then we’re gonna go
right into a Rope Pull to really turn the lats on. I think it’s gonna be something new that he hasn’t tried yet which is interesting to say the least. Then
we’re gonna go right into a supportive movement where we’re just going to get
some good contraction 25 reps. This might get a little bit emotional and
straight into some Pull-ups. If he has any anything left. Definitely a lot of
endurance kind of stuff as well. It’s going to ensure there’s gonna be some good solid pumps. Then we’re going to go right into a little giant set for
the Biceps. Something that I’ve tried in the past and really
yeah. So this is all. Like this is gonna be. So we’re gonna go a like
super-set, super-set, giant-set and then this is another giant-set at the end. This is going to be very interesting “spicy” to say the least. I have a stitch! I can’t feel my forearms! Just a little, little story quickly. So
back home in South Africa we’ve got a little saying right. So when you’re
growing up and you’re deciding if the girl is young enough or not to date. We
just say as long as her feet can touch the floor while she’s sitting on the
toilet. She’s good to go. So if we have a look over here. You can see his feet are floating. So bottom line is I just don’t think he’s old enough! That’s a wrap! We just did a quick back
and bicep workout. I think it was pretty solid. Just pushed the pace a little bit to
see what DY was up to and hold him accountable to the training he’s
been doing as well. But seems things are good. He kind
of made a little bit of a comeback. I’m super proud that I actually managed to finish.
Like I didn’t think I was gonna be able to finish but, like this dude
was in my ear like a go, go, go, go. I mean if anyone of you guys want to try a
little bit of a lat pump. Try those Rope Pulls because they are badass. He
got through it and pretty good stuff man. Awesome dude. Thanks for having
me. Follow him on Instagram. That’s a wrap. Let’s see you
guys in the next one. Peace out. shit just Kyle’s things again intense
now now here you talking about real I owe you speak French now give

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