Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. So today we are doing a challange,we are going to try pilates. Normally I was doing pilates for maybe two years or something like that but then I stopped.And now, today we are gonna try reformer pilates. It is not like we are on the floor or anything. We are doing it with the equipments, with the machine. And I’m scared slash excited. So,let’s go! So here we are in the Luxury Ladies. We have our machine. I’m not sure how I’m going to do that but I’ll try my best. So here we are with the teacher.Her name is Şeyma,she is going to show me some moves. She is a reformer teacher.Here we go! “It really does require strenght.” “We are spending six month of training for this.” “Yes,from here pull yourself up.” “Pull yourself up.” So,umm it was a fail. Normally it takes six or eight months to get master that and it needs really big of a arm muscles. and clearly I don’t have that. So we are gonna try less intense. We are gonna go. So this is reformer pilates.This is less intense than this one. We are gonna try that and hopefully I can make it. “Yes,you are going to push for ten seconds with tip of your toes.” ” “You are going to breath and while you release your breath,push yourself backwards.” “For us breathing is really important.” “Yes,now take a breath and start while pushing yourself backwards.One.” “Now, slowly go back to where you started.” “Now with your heels.Flex your toes.We are doing the same move again.” “Ok, now take a breath, release your breath and push yourself back.” “Now put your heels together. Do a ‘V’ with them.” “Yes, now take a breath in and out and push yourself.” “Yes, now we will put our legs in tabletop position and we will hold this angle.” “You will put one of your leg on the table,on the toe.” “Yes, with saving the tabletop position, we will do five pushes each leg.” “Ok, take a breath in, exhale out and start. One,two…” “Yes, we put our legs on the 90 degree angle.” “Without seperating your legs and moving your pelvis, squeeze your abs and lower your legs to the 60 degree.” “And raise back to 90 degree again.” “Yes, now take a breath in and while exhailing lower your legs to 60 degree.” “Now try to draw a circle in 60 degree.” “Here open your legs while drawing a circle and lower yourself to 60 degree and push yourself back.” “Yes now take a deep breath in and out and start the move.” “Now lower your legs straight to the 60 degree and reverse the move.” “Yes, take a breath in and out and start.” “Now put your legs on the tabletop position and keep the angle. “Lower your arms,without seperating them to your body lower them next to your pelvis.” “Legs on the tabletop position.” “Ok, ready. Take a breath in start.” “Now put your hands up and turn your palms towards the wall.” “Ok take a breath in and lower your hands toward your pelvis.” So we wrapped up our first lesson. There is going to be part two. So please like this video and subscribe to see the other part. and I thank to my teacher “Teşekkür ederim.” “You are welcome.” It was little bit hard but it was good. I will see you guys on the next video.

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