Conservative pundit Tucker Carlson’s first video since his unexpected ouster from Fox News has gone viral, drawing praise from fans eagerly awaiting his return.

Fox News announced the decision to abruptly “part” from Carlson on Monday, surprising conservatives who had become devoted viewers of his popular talk show. Tucker Carlson tonight.

Carlson’s brief period of silence that followed the announcement was broken on Wednesday, when the former Fox News stalwart aware a video of approximately two minutes to his Twitter account.

While the video did not show Carlson speaking directly about the circumstances of his departure from cable, it did say that the issues “that will define our future” cannot be discussed “in the American media.” She said goodbye telling viewers “see you soon.”

Tucker Carlson Fox News Viral Video Twitter
Former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson is pictured during an event in Hollywood, Florida on November 17, 2022. Carlson shared his first video since being ousted from Fox News earlier in the week on Wednesday.
jason koerner

news week has reached out to Carlson’s attorney by email for comment.

Within hours of the video being posted, it had amassed over 7.5 million views. Prominent conservatives and Carlson fans erupted in praise for the pundit.

“I completely agree,” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia tweeted while sharing Carlson’s video. “The truth is the only way to win and it’s worth fighting for no matter how hard. America looks forward to seeing you again @TuckerCarlson.”

“Thank you Tucker”, Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida tweeted.

“@TuckerCarlson’s post has only been up for a few hours and is already getting record engagement.” tweeted former Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake.

“This is the strength of the independent media,” he continued. “This is the power of an uncensored digital square. They can no longer silence us. Our message will always find its way out.”

Less than 24 hours earlier, Lake appeared on Newsmax and begged Carlson to “talk out,” even if it resulted in a lawsuit from Fox News for potentially violating the terms of a contract. Lake offered to start a legal defense fund to help with Carlson’s legal expenses.

“Just so we’re clear here: +11 million views is 4 times what Tucker’s late-night viewership was on Fox News,” conservative commentator Benny Johnson tweeted about Carlson’s video on Wednesday, citing the number of views of the tweet rather than views of the video itself.

“Your monologue already has more views than your old space on Fox News”, tweeted Ian Miles Cheong, a Malaysian-based commentator on right-wing American politics. “Twitter is the future. Make this a daily thing and you will get subscribers.”

“I’M WITH MY BROTHER TUCKER CARLSON!” former Florida congressional candidate Lavern Spicer tweeted.

“I smiled so big I nearly broke my face in!” tweeted @JohnStrandUSA. “HAPPY! #IStandWithTuckerCarlson”

“This man deserves a medal for keeping the dream alive,” @unscriptedmike tweeted.

“President Carlson… is my prediction”, tweeted @Tour30A.

Although Carlson’s video on Wednesday was his first significant public statement since his death on Fox News, he told a daily mail reporter who had been “shocked” by the news earlier in the day, adding that his absence from broadcast television “had gone very well so far”.

Further details about Carlson’s future are not yet clear, as the terms of any contract he still has with Fox News could prevent him from hosting a new TV show in the near future.

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