TWO DAYS in our LIFE !

Hello everyone and welcome to this new video ! Today we are going on a week end trip we are going on a 2 days trip in France I hope you’ll enjoy the video Let’s go ! we are here ! it looks like Disneyland here we are after two and a half hours journey we just arrived and we are in Troyes we are going to start our stay with a little shopping time there is a lot of shops, a lot of different brands with discounts prices let’s see how it is but first we’re gonna eat something I am starving are you hungry ? I am starving as always in all of our videos we are hungry ! we can’t see you because I am too short.. because I am a giant I am 2 meters… 2m80 right ? 2m15 oooh you’re not 2m80 tall ? I am disappointed.. let’s go right away to Nike store it’s here and we’re here, it’s over there let’s go 22euros how much are the shoes you are trying on right now ? 20euros what ? 20 euros it’s nice with these trousers yes 20 euros ?? I love them it fits perfectly, it’s from the child section it’s the price of the road toll we didn’t get !! it’s crazy it’s been five minutes we’re here and Clem already found a pair of shoes 20 euros can you imagine she had bought the same one in Osaka in Japan they were not exactly the same but and it had cost her a lot more than this 20 euros .. And I am heading the the nike store you created a new trend it’s a little too big there take the medium one then I think this one is good no it’s good are you hungry ? always hungry you’re a gremlins it’s time to eat it looks delicious i’m telling you that going here you’re gonna fall careful it’s dangerous shopping with you ! you have to be an adventurer in your life sometimes Seb ! like you were an adventurer.. it’s nice we found a lot of things in Adidas but for now it’s Calippo (ice cream) time calippo’s are the best ice cream ever cola flavour only 90 kcal we finished our shopping we bought a few little things not a lot of things but really interesting & original things so if you’re interested on the address it’s in Troyes and it’s called McArthurGlen it’s like a mall with different shops apparently there is other places like this in Troyes But this one is the best really nice you can see this shortly but there is a lot to see and bargains a lot of bargains now we are heading to the hotel we are going to look for place to swim we are going to look for place to swim god bless you thank you we just arrived at the beach, it’s called “la plage de Lusigny” we are going to rest a little bit because it’s already pretty late the sun is going to go down so let’s see how it looks like do you want to come ? is it cold no it’s not cold really ? no really it’s okay I promise you this is the struggle moment what do you think we are going to do right now ? Sushis ! sushis the lake was so beautiful it feels so good now that we moved to Paris we don’t have the beach anymore even if you were not going to swim everyday because the sea was really cold here the lake was 26°c ramen, ramen, ramen I slept so well it has been like six months I didn’t sleep that well here we are the night went well we slept really well because the bed was 1m60 wide it’s Clem size in width for the bed the bed is even bigger today we are heading to a new beach and this morning we are going to find something to eat and then we’ll come home in Paris I broke his balls.. see you ! see you ! it’s time to eat ! we are really hungry ! we didn’t eat anything and here we are in front of a beautiful lake it’s beautiful look at this and what’s crazy is the water is so hot it’s 26°C it’s like a pool ! it’s almost hotter in the lake than outside and wer’e going to tan bon appetit this is how we are ending these two days ! we’re home ! here we are ! we had a great week end it was awesome I hope you enjoyed the video ! see you next week for new adventures ! don’t forget to like the video, write a comment and subscribe ! and subscribe if it’s not already done subscribe, subscribe ! I’m kidding, you won’t put this in the video ! look at my collection see you next week !

28 Replies to “TWO DAYS in our LIFE !”

  1. …I don't know why you have to promote your video about your trip with a huge photo of only you backside….seriously

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  3. Coucou beautiful couple , j'aimerais vous posez une question c'est quel appareil vous preniez pour des videos dans L'EAU ?
    MERCI que Dieu vous protege , on voit le respect dans votre couple ,❤

  4. Heeey chicos !! Me encanto su fin de semana , son super agradables y alegres.
    Bonitos lagos para vacacionar , por acá es domingo 7:29 am temprano aún. Muchos saludos y los espero para la próxima semana. 😉😉😎😎😘

  5. Saludos amigos..!!!!😍😍😍😍
    Ya ase varias semanas no veia sus videos eh estado un poco ocupada y hasta hoy tuve tiempo. Me encantó el video felicitaciones por siempre mostrarnos esos lindos vlogs me encantan.
    Un fuente abrazo ala distancia muchas bendiciones…!!!💖💖💖💖

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