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friend Sam is back with dietitians of Palm Valley and today we’re talking about the beach so is it the beach body or is it what to bring to the beach we’re intrigued so the media that in all of just the crap out there is always like you know get beach body ready well spoiler alert everybody’s beach body ready right we don’t have to look a certain way to go to the beach and so I always say to get beach body ready one grab a bathing suit maybe not this one for you guys and to go to the beach done you’re ready that easy I like it we were just talking earlier it’s not I mean going to have the beach experience yeah people go to the beach but sometimes you forget to take some necessary essentials yeah exactly and I’ve been there done that I used to live on the beach we’d run out there get out there like oh my gosh we’re starving wouldn’t eat for hours then we go to a restaurant want to eat everything in sight so we do have some options here just some ideas to pack a healthy cooler so over on this side we have some different things that it will be great to pack some crackers chips that have higher protein higher fiber to keep you full along with a nice chicken salad so something on high protein almost like a meal replacement along with some veggies over here again more snacking options so fruit good source of fat with the nuts here and then some easy bars to it you can just throw in your bag when you go like let’s say to the chips and the other snacks yeah what are like the couple of ingredients that you’re looking for or maybe even just the breakdown like you said fiber exactly in there somebody what are you looking for to make sure that hey these are solid choices yeah so a lot of times when we look at chips and crackers in general they’re very starchy right they have a lot of carbs which is normal they should they’re a green so these options over here especially the bonito is for example being you’ll see the word being in there they’re made from mostly beans so they have high fiber and high protein so those will help keep you fuller for longer versus if it was just carb there’s nothing wrong with like a nice corn tortilla chip but you’re just gonna digest it a lot quicker because it doesn’t have that protein and then I’m just saying like with a traditional potato chip so what does that not have in there usually those don’t have fiber in it don’t have much fiber at all don’t have any protein and they also have a much longer ingredient list yes so these things again you’ll be able to read the ingredient listen no exactly what’s in the product a lot of times people go out and they’re like well I don’t want to eat because I’m gonna feel or look bloated or whatever these are some options that will alleviate that stress so what we have to think about is our body is like a machine that needs constant fuel and I think a lot of times when people are in a vulnerable state like in a bathing suit they think I don’t need to eat your body needs fuel no matter what day it is right a weekday at weekend day a holiday vacation day so the longer we wait to eat and then eat a lot in one sitting that’s gonna cause that bloating an uncomfortable feeling versus again just frequently fueling throughout the day and packing some stuff along at the beach and then moving down to the power bars that you mentioned I feel like some of these they’re loaded with sugar and other ingredients where you think you’re making the right decision but you’re not but these are ones that are there to solid in the quality of yeah again we have some higher protein options here they have a good mix of carbs and fat so when we look at all of the food that we eat it has three macronutrients protein carbs fat this has a nice mix of all three which will help keep you feeling full the ones that are high in sugar it’s not that we can’t have them again we just digest it so quick so just being aware of that so if you eat something like that and you’re hungry an hour later then you’re like oh now I get on my blood sugar spiked and now I have that drop right out interesting you do this with a stat earlier saying that there are events and I’m gonna want the beach into it where you ladies won’t want to go to because yeah so there’s there’s a stat out there that say about 9 out of 10 women will opt out of a social event due to how their body looks or how they feel in their current body which is so sad right like we have so much life to live there’s so much fun out there why sit home and not go to a social event due to our body shape and size so I think it’s again building that body confidence up is so important but the media again that we live in is so sad so we got a fight and fight back against that media if Sammy star we’re running out of time so people want to learn more what’s the best route to contact you and what are you best route to find us as dietitians of Palm Valley calm all right well thank you so much stick around more to come right after this look at me eating healthy you throw it out the French

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