Yevhen Borisov

Ukraine’s State Bureau of Investigation detained Borisov, saying he had tried to flee the country – Odessa Media

A former Ukrainian military officer accepted bribes to help the men escape mobilizationthe authorities have affirmed after accusing him of corruption.

His arrest comes amid allegations that his family has amassed millions of pounds in real estate in Spain.

On Monday, Ukraine’s State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) arrested Yevhen Borisov, who was in charge of mobilization and recruitment in the Odessa region until he was fired last month.

The SBI, which normally handles high profile crimessaid Borisov was detained in kyiv before he tried to flee the country.

On Saturday, the SBI charged him with illicit enrichment, but law enforcement officials could not locate him for two days because he was constantly changing phone numbers, license plates and his location, they say.

Marbella real estate and sports cars

The investigation into Borisov was launched following a damning investigation by Ukrainian news outlet Ukrainska Pravda alleging that the conscription chief and his family bought luxury Marbella properties and several sports cars after the start of the Russian invasion.

In May, Ukrainian investigators accused Mr. Borisov of accepting bribes of more than 188 million hryvnias (£4 million) from local residents in exchange for granting exemptions to mobilization.

Borisov publicly denied the accusations.

Ukrainian men and women have volunteered to join the army since before the start of the Russian invasion, but many have been anxious to avoid conscription as the protracted war requires more manpower.

Borisov was eventually arrested on a busy Kiev street, according to a video released by the SBI showing a man in a polo shirt and black baseball cap stopped by a group of officers and taken away.

He is expected to face a hearing on Tuesday, investigators said, and his alleged offense is considered serious enough to rule out possible bail.

He could face up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

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