35 Replies to “Underground Bare Knuckle Boxing in the UK”

  1. humans has been fighting with their fist since day one , i dont know how that originate in England ?, its like saying LIONS are from LONDON ..

  2. The photos you showed were of John L. Sullivan who was the last unofficial heavy weight bare knuckle boxing champion in the U.S. You should have shown one of Britains former champs I'm sure they have plenty.

  3. 4:29, board is already cut, you can see the line before he punches it, It's sad because I'm sure he's got actual skills that he could have demonstrated is many ways.

  4. For people hating on the fighters. It's easy to be tough when you're not getting your face punched.
    These guys are Not professionals. They are your average man who enjoys fighting. They may not be the best fighters in the world, but they are not claiming to be.
    If you've ever been in a fight where you give your best to your opponent and he's still standing, it's kind of intimidating and humbling. Just putting up your fists and battling a fair fight is something every man should experience. There are a lot of life lessons to be learned.

  5. And that right there my friends sums up the differences between the UK and America…

    You can meditate all you want, take all the massages, train the world away, but you will never beat a piss up and a tear up

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