Unite Fitness

3-2-1 Let’s Go (music) You get your heart rate pumping the lights are down we change the colors as it goes because it really like gets you
into the workout and really focus in for that twenty five minutes on your cardio really get your heart rate up and then once you’ve gotten warmed up you got
sweaty your whole body is loose and ready to roll, then we hit the weights (music) These classes are extremely intense I’m a person that loves to work
out it’s my passion when I come here I get a really good workout it’s completely different from me working out by myself to working out here again like we’re all like a team like we all want to see each other just grow and get you
fit, be healthy you know look good it’s completely different from you working it by myself like sometimse working out by yourselves gets really lonely so now coming here I just
feel like I’m a part of actually doing something Yeah it’s a great workout and you know I think it’s one of the best workouts you can get but I think more important than that it’s the relationships it’s the
people and that keeps people coming back the workout is good but it’s definitely
for the people when you work out together with somebody that’s like a
bond that is tough to get otherwise

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